BABBA International ABBA Spectacular

For 26 years BABBA have been thrilling audiences worldwide with their superb recreation of 70’s super group ABBA and the legacy of hits they gave us. In 1994 a plot was hatched in a pub in Richmond, Victoria, to create the best ABBA tribute band in Australia, and now 21 years on, BABBA are still stunning crowds across the country and internationally with their sparkling re-creation of the 70’s super group.

A BABBA show is so much more than just the songs of ABBA. The show is about memories, songs that in a second take you to another place and remind all of us of people and places and times that have touched our lives. For 2 hours, Benny, Bjorn, Agnetha and Frida and the incredible legacy they gave the world, can be ours once again.

From the glitz and glamour of the costumes and dance moves, all served up with a Swedish accent, to the precision and expert delivery of the music; even the most sceptical of audience members are transported back to 1977 and instantly become immersed into the wonderful musical illusion that is BABBA.

Not a single hit is missed as audiences become choirs, singing along, and on many occasions taking over the vocal lead, to songs as familiar as their own names.

Bring your dancing shoes and join the party as we celebrate all the iconic hits of 70’s supergroup ABBA live at The Star Casino Gold Coast.

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