Emily Kafoa

Emily Kafoa is one brave Gold Coast gal. She committed to skating the first-ever floating half-pipe at Buskers by the Creek in 2016, which made history by hosting the structure for the first time in Australia.

We sat down for a chat with Emily about what she’s getting up to at this years’ event and the community group she created, Girls Skate Gold Coast. 

How long have you been a Gold Coast local?
I have lived on the Coast most of my life, I was born in Tweed Heads so I float around.

What do you love most about living here?
What’s not to love? I live a five minute skate from the beach, there’s some pretty cool skate spots, from the DIY spots to the skateparks especially Pizzey Park. There’s a bunch of waterfalls, we’ve got the best of both worlds.

Tell us what you’re going to be getting up to at Buskers by The Creek…
I will be there with a group of very talented skateboarders, showing off what we can do on the board. Definitely something not to miss!

You founded Girls Skate Gold Coast, what were you hoping to create?
I started Girls Skate Gold Coast to make a place for girls to meet up, have a skate and talk. I also talk about the serious issues in life; including mental health, it’s something I’m passionate about. I want to help others. It’s ok to not be ok and it ain’t weak to speak.

How did you get into skating?
I was given an old skateboard from one of my cousins when I was eight or nine and I was hooked from there.

What have been some of the highlights of your career?
Meeting so many amazing people, travelling, getting the opportunity to organise demonstrations! The whole skateboarding scene is a vibe. Plus getting to take my daughter with me to skate events has been awesome, the skate community treat us like there own family.

What would you love to see happen in the realm of female skating?
Female skateboarding is booming at the moment, it’s going off and it’s only going to get bigger. I would love to see more girls out there showcasing what they can do. Similar to what Buskers by the Creek is doing; letting the girls do their thing on the floating ramp.

What are your plans for the rest of 2019?
Working on some upcoming events… more to come!

Tell us your favourites on the Coast…
Coffee shop: The Bread Social
Café for breakfast: Jays Emporium in Coolangatta; best home-style breakfast for the price
Restaurant for dinner: Eddies Grub House
How does your weekend usually look: Spending time with my daughter, skateboarding, beach and chill out.



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