Doughnut Time is back

Everyone knows a doughnut time is a good time and guess what folks, Burleigh Heads is in for a(nother) good time. That’s right, your favourite sweet treats are back after a short hiatus and they are coming to a James Street near you.

The much-loved business, which briefly closed its doors earlier this year, has been taken over by someone who appreciates the life-changing goodness of a tasty round dessert as much as the next guy and he is our new fave friend.

The Brisbane-born brand was taken over by one Mr Pete Andros and he’s got plans to roll the brand out in many a capital city before the end of the year.

Which is cool, but all we really care about is the new Burleigh store, which will take up the space next to Sushi on James NEXT MONTH. Happy day friends.

The team will be bringing us a whole range of new flavours and we would like as many variations on strawberry doughnuts as possible please. They’ll also keep the old time favourites and offer vegan, gluten-free and low sugar options so we all get to eat doughnuts together for the rest of our days.

Due to the way-too-fast expansion of the initial biz, which saw the owners forced to close their doors, Mr Andos and the team say they’ll start small but, having secured new locations up and down the east coast already, looks like no-one will be missing out on the goodness that is a Doughnut Time treat.

Stay tuned, we’ll definitely be in there taste testing as many flavours as possible the second the doors open.

Doughnut get in our way.

LOCATION: 2 James Street, Burleigh Heads

Words by Kirra Smith.