With five new venues, a new name and new owners, Surfers Paradise’ Asian foodie precinct CHOP CHOP (A+ for naming efforts) is set to become one of your new favourite eating destinations.

Formerly known as 8 Street, the laneway space mimics an Asian hawkers marketplace and, when complete, will be home to 28 unique vendors. Which is a lot of eating and we are here for it.

The premise of the low-lit, Orientally-inspired precinct is to provide the people with an authentic Asian dining experience complete with both alfresco and communal dining options.

Eats from around the world, including Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese and Indian (to name a few) are on offer and each venue offers something absolutely unique and delicious to soothe your hungry soul.

Let’s chat newbies and our dish of choice though and get excited gang.

Bali in Paradise is serving up Crispy Duck Set served with homemade chilli, egg, peanuts and rice and it’s both extremely filling and extremely tasty.

Fruit Bang (new love of our life) is bringing the goods in the form of a Red Mocktail with raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, lemon and mint. It’s both fresh and a little bit fizzy and perhaps the yummiest (non alcoholic) drink there has ever been.

Ace Thai are the stir fry connoisseurs and the Combination Prawn and Chicken Pad-See-Ew is healthy goodness in a warm, nourishing bowl while Dumpling Ma Ma are providing all the very best varieties of dumplings including large crispy friend ones which you know are the ones we chose.

Last but certainly not least is Hot Cake House and we’re all about this one. They create tiny little hot cakes right in front of your eyes and they are both light and fluffy and filled with an array of flavour sensations. There are caramel, red bean and coconut milk raisin hot cakes, strawberry sweetie custard Japanese Tokyo Pancake and also Danish twists that are to die for.

So many incredible things to fill our bellies with. Thank you CHOP CHOP, we appreciate you beyond measure.

Stay tuned for the grand opening when all 28 venues will be open and there will be an absolute extravaganza of eating, Chinese lion dancing (best) and lantern painting. What a time.

It’s an epic experience, go give ‘em some love.

LOCATION: Cavill Lane, 3113 Surfers Paradise Boulevard, Surfers Paradise.
HOURS: Cafes open for breakfast from 7am, restaurants open for lunch from 10am

Words and photos by Kirra Smith