Dine at the modern-twist Italian, hawker-style Malay or buzzy pub locals love

Chevron Renaissance Shopping Centre (image supplied)
Chevron Renaissance Shopping Centre (image supplied)

We all have our favourite suburbs around the Coast. You know, the local where you go for coffee and hangs, the strip where you head for Friday knock offs, or the spot where you know you’ll get some great food and avoid the crowds. In saying this, though, where do you place Surfers Paradise in this mix?

Things have slowly been changing in our best-known suburb, meaning it’s not only the tourists who are flocking here. Ask any local. Quality eateries and first-class bars are popping up all over.

Pride of place in the centre of Surfers Paradise is Chevron Renaissance Shopping Centre; however, not only will you find top-rated shopping here but three places we highly recommend you ought to put on your to-dine list; if you haven’t already!

Baritalia Baked Eggs (image supplied)
Baritalia Baked Eggs (image supplied)

Who doesn’t like themselves a taste of Italy every day now and then? Baritalia pulls out all the stops when it comes to a comfortable and genuine taste of the Mediterranean — and right in the heart of the Gold Coast, no less. Swing in for breakfast, and you’ll be spoilt for choice with dishes like Free-range Baked Eggs with chorizo and charred sourdough or all of the baked, flaky sweet treats. Not forgetting perfectly poured Allpress coffee. (What a way to start the day?!)

Lunch and dinner are serious odes to the old country. A salivate-inducing selection of 48-hour fermented pizzas, all hand-stretched and baked freshly to order, will have most people’s attention. But, if you can look past those, you could find yourself with handmade gnocchi/pasta dishes as well as made-to-order paninis that will truly make your mouth water! Backing up all this tasty fare is a superb range of Italian focussed beers and wines ‑ if you close your eyes and smell the aromas, you may convince yourself you’re somewhere in the European haven.

PappaRich Surfers Paradise (image supplied)
PappaRich Surfers Paradise (image supplied)

Asian food is without a doubt one of our favourites here on the Gold Coast. Chinese and Japanese are obvious frontrunners but, what are your feelings towards contemporary Malaysian food? For those in the know, this often-overlooked cuisine is a delicious and fragrant street hawker-style alternative — rewarding the curious with big fresh flavours and a whole new sensory experience.

Open for lunch and dinner seven days a week, the small no-fuss eatery is the spot to enjoy charming signature Malay dishes like Chicken Laksa or Crispy Fish Egg Noodles, with lighter bites like Chicken Satay Skewers the perfect way to start things off. There’s a great selection of vegetarian dishes and breads to choose from and a plethora of interesting Malaysian beverages — hot and cold — to try!  We. Are. There.

The Local (Image: © 2020 Inside Gold Coast)
The Local (Image: © 2020 Inside Gold Coast)

The Local Tavern
Being such a busy place to be, for the most part, it’s always rewarding when you find yourself a comfortable and authentic venue to pull up a chair at. The Local Tavern, in our opinion, is the epitome of everything a local pub should be.

Being a true Aussie pub — minus the cliches — the venue serves ice cold drinks, an ever-revolving lineup of entertainment, and brilliant food with a classic pub leaning, all with utter ease. From oversized buckets of Loaded Fries to Buttermilk Fried Chicken Tacos and an array of lip-lickingly Schnitty’s, it’s a smart move to head this way when you find yourself famished. Tying the space together are giant screens dedicated to sport of any and all disciplines. Grab your mates (even if they support the other team) and head to The Local Tavern for your next fantastic matchday with a difference.

Chevron Renaissance really does have dining-out down pat!

Words by Alex Mitcheson.




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