Give back to Gold Coast kids this Christmas

More than ever before, we need to stand beside one another and help out in any way we can. The past year has been the hardest of many of our lives and we wouldn’t have made it this far without looking to others for help.

As Christmas approaches, it’s important to remember that this year will be tougher than most for many people and that there are small ways we can help those in need.

The easiest way to do this is via the Vinnie’s Christmas Appeal and it’s an opportunity for those of us who are able, to purchase extra presents for people in need.

It’s a brilliant initiative and one that’s been running for many years and if you’re keen to lend a hand, read on.

The Chempro Chemist team are getting in the Christmas spirit through a partnership with the St Vincent de Paul Society and running their very own Vinnie’s Christmas Appeal.

How it works is that you, the fine folks of the Gold Coast, purchase presents for the people you love and while you’re at it, grab a little something extra for someone you’ll never meet but who will certainly be eternally grateful for your kindness.

Your local Chempro Chemist has a HUGE range of gift ideas (e.g. perfume, makeup, toys and gift packs) so you don’t really even need to go anywhere else to find something for everyone.

So, over the next couple of months while you’re whittling down your list, go that extra step and grab something special for a stranger who’s unable to purchase gifts for their own loved ones.

The Chempro team will pop a little gift tag on it and place it under their tree so when the big man rolls around come Christmas Eve, he’ll have a few more deliveries to drop off.

Have your gifts in to your local Chempro Chemist by Friday December 4th so the elves have time to distribute them.

You’ll feel so great and you’ll absolutely make someone’s Christmas.




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