How to boost your immune system coming into winter

There are a few things we have uttered lately that have never come out of our mouths quite so much. One is the phrase ‘flattening the curve’ (which we hope to never have to say again), another is ‘pivot’ (ditto) and the third is immunity. Something we’ve all had to become more aware of lately and will need to continue to stay on top of as winter rolls around.

Which, as judging by recent unwillingness to leave the bed in the morning, is very soon.

Now there’s obviously a lot of noise around the place regarding how best to boost your immune system so we thought it would be a good idea to go straight to those in the know. Chempro Chemists of course.

And what they have to say is that right now, there is an absolute myriad of ways to support your immune system and one that is an absolute must is with vitamins.

The new June catalogue is filled with options and you can of course choose your own adventure in that regard, but we’ve pulled out a few Chempro recommend in case you need a little guidance.

Starting with good old Vitamin C, which some of us here have been consuming religiously for the past two months. Faulding Vitamin C is a premium option that supports healthy immune function and general health and wellbeing while reducing the occurrence of the common cold. So that’s good news.

In terms of vitamin supplements Nature’s Own are an affordable choice with options to support your immune health of course but also a huge selection to support particular elements of your health that may need assistance.

Go Healthy offer a natural range of supplements including Go Vir-Defence for that all-important immune strengthening.

Comvita, Nature’s Way Vitamins and Bioglan are also excellent options and you can always ask the friendly staff at your local Chempro Chemists if you need help deciding which is best for you.

Now, perhaps more than ever, it’s very important that we take care of our health in any and every way possible and as we know, winter is cold and flu season, so our immune systems should be our top priority.

Chempro Chemists have absolutely everything you need, so pop in and stock up.

You can check out their June catalogue here.

Stay healthy Gold Coasters.




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