Ball Boy Meatballs

Ball Boy Meatballs, Mermaid Beach

‘In Balls we trust’

Who doesn’t love a good meatball? Those scrumptious little balls of goodness… We may be a little late to the game, but better late than never when it comes to meatballs!

Ball Boy is situated on the highway right next to the Gold Coast Growers Market. This funky little ball joint is eye catching and an Instagrammers dream come true! Less is more when it comes to the décor. The simple pop-modern décor is the perfect fit for the small space.

The ball-court themed space features an astro-turf covered wall, ping-pong rackets used as menus, lockers instead of cupboards and yes, even the bathroom, disguised as a locker room, is fitting the theme (don’t forget to look up when you’re going about your business).

After successfully opening all time favourite Skull and Bones Espresso and starting up the Wiener Haus, owner Jesse Garlic needed a new challenge, saw the potential and diversity of meatballs and the rest is history – insert Ball Boy.

After one year of carefully researching and perfecting the art of making meatballs, he came up with the perfect recipe and opened the doors in March.

The philosophy behind Ball Boy is do one thing and do it well. This one thing is meatballs, and yes, they are done well, (beef, pork, chicken and vegetarian all done well).

Create your perfect plate of balls by choosing between fresh pasta, quinoa, steamed greens or a super yummy waffle hash and one of five tasty sauces. On offer is blue cheese, pesto, pomodore, creamy mushroom and the ‘hot lover’, a tomato based hot sauce, which will literally make you sweat!

If you’re only after a mouthful (excuse the pun), then head for one of four meatball sliders or subs (I definitely recommend the srirarcha mayo pork sub, super delicious!!). Everything is handmade and locally sourced where possible, which definitely adds to quality and flavor.

My absolute favorite though was the ‘school tray’ option and if you’re not quite sure what to get, I urge you to try this bad boy. It’s literally a school tray full of delights that gives you the chance to try a bit of everything (very popular amongst groups).

The meal combo includes a meatball sub of your choice, waffle hash or spicy slaw, desert and a drink.

Choose between ten craft beers in tinnies (yes you heard right, tinnies all the way!), sip on an Aperol Spritz cocktail or have a freshly made soda poured out of a mineral water fountain (ever tried coffee flavoured soda?).

Another highlight for me was dessert – an apple-pie flavored macaroon ice cream sandwich (I know, right!). I could have eaten five; the chewy macaroon was to die for (supplied by local supplier The Pastry Emporium)!

Jesse and the team are constantly updating the menu to keep things interesting and are currently working on a sub without meatballs (check Instagram for updates on this one guys).

Ball Boy Meatballs is open Wednesday to Sunday from 5pm with the kitchen

closing at 9.30pm.

Ball’s in your court, enjoy!


By Louisa Ingelheim