8 Gold Coast inspired New Year’s Resolutions

A new year means new beginnings. It’s usually the time of year when gym memberships sky rocket and alcohol consumption is at an all-time low. And while, yes, the whole ‘new year, new me’ talk can get too much, we’re totally digging the motivation.

For some inspo check out our 8 Gold Coast based New Year’s resolutions that should be on your list.

1. Get your nature on

How about reconnecting with nature? Plan a trip to one of the many waterfalls and hidden gems on the Gold Coast.  Or maybe have a picnic at one of these picnic hot-spots?

2. Visit all the new restaurants
2016 wasn’t always kind to us but it brought the Coast so many fantastic new restaurants and bars. Now is the time to make plans and finally go visit them all!

3. Support local
You’ve probably been to Miami Marketta and Night Quarter. But have you checked out all the other Gold Coast lifestyle markets? As a New Year’s Resolution, shop small and support local.

4. Get artsy
I think we are all guilty of spending way too much time on Instagram, Facebook and the likes, numbing ourselves of what’s actually out there. And even though you might not consider the Gold Coast to rival Melbourne’s arts and culture scene, there are places to go check out live music, watch comedians or visit an art gallery.

5. Spend more time with your friends
Life can get busy and it’s hard sometimes to maintain a healthy work-life balance. But what’s more important than family and friends? Right!
Make an effort this year to spend more time with your loved ones by adventuring the Gold Coast. How about Barefoot Bowls, a visit to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, dinner and cabaret at Draculas, watch a flick at Yatala Drive In, or hop on a Hop on Brewery Tour.

6. Get fit
If you’re not already on the get-fit-band wagon, jump on it now. Sign up to a gym, do barre classes or get amongst all the fun activities, like learning how to surf, that will get your heart-rate going.

7. Eat healthy                                                                                                                         
Now that you’re getting fit and active it’s time to ditch the fast food and nourish your body from within. Check out our epic healthy takeaway list.

8. Give back
Not only is it super fun to dig up someone’s pre-loved treasures, you also support the local community by helping the less fortunate. You can either donate your old clothes, accessories and furniture or go on an op-shop shopping rampage.