7 Gold Coast inspired New Year’s Resolutions

Miami Marketta (image supplied)
Miami Marketta (image supplied)

A new year means new beginnings and it’s usually a time of year when gym memberships sky rocket and alcohol consumption is at an all-time low (not around here but good for y’all).

Clearly the whole ‘new year, new me’ talk can be a bit much but we’re all for having a go. Especially since anything you do after the year that was 2020 is going to be an improvement.

Here’s a few Gold Coast inspired ideas to get you going.

Get your nature on
Get fit or die trying. Don’t but you know what we mean. Plan a trip to one of the many waterfalls and hidden gems on the Gold Coast. Or maybe have a picnic at one of these sweet spots. If you’re all about exploring with caffeine in hand, check out these local coffee spots with a view

Support local
You’ve probably been to firm locals favourite Miami Marketta but have you checked out all the other sweet live music venues or local markets? As a New Year’s Resolution, shop small and support local. Here are some Gold Coast jewellery brands you can peruse if you want to start the New Year with some sparkly new goodies. 

The Craft Parlour (Image: © 2020 Kirra Smith Photography)

Get artsy
There are plenty of spots around here to soothe your inner artist. Why not take a creative workshop or visit a Gold Coast art gallery.

Spend more time with your friends
Make an effort to spend more time with your loved ones by adventuring around the Gold Coast. How about barefoot bowls, a bottomless brunch or dinner and show at one of our exciting theatre experiences

Get fit
If you’re not already on the get-fit-band wagon (are you even a Gold Coaster?), jump on it now. Sign up to a gym, do yoga classes or get amongst all the fun activities, like learning to surf, that will get your heart-rate going. Here’s some unique ones to try.

Essence of Living by Eyes of Love Photography

Eat healthy                                                                                                                         
Now that you’re getting fit and active it’s time to ditch the fast food and nourish your body from within. Check out our epic healthy takeaway list.

Give back
Not only is it super fun to dig up someone’s pre-loved treasures, you also support the local community by helping the less fortunate. You can either donate your old clothes, accessories and furniture or go on an op-shop shopping rampage.

Happy resolutioning!

Words by Kirra Smith



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