9 Mother’s Day gifts from Gold Coast brands

Moss Living

Does your mum do that thing where when you ask her what she wants for Mother’s Day (slash birthday, Christmas etc.) she says “nothing darling, I’m just happy to spend the day with you”? Cool ma, but no. Just allow us to shower you in gifts that will never be equal to the fact that you birthed us out of your body.

This Mother’s Day (on Sunday May 10th) is particularly special because many of us won’t be able to spend the day with our Mama’s like we usually would. Which means we need to get an even better present.

So, friends. Here’s a list of local businesses we encourage you to peruse for the perfect gift and maybe buy one of everything because she’s worth it.

Moss Living
Fun fact: over the last few weeks we’ve invested in many a linen loungewear item and it has been the greatest iso choice of all. The best part is, they’re good all the time and you should invest in some for Mum. Local brand Moss Living has everything from luxurious linen robes to stunning dresses, playsuits and of course bedding if you want to splash out. It’s all absolutely beautiful so good luck choosing just one thing. Take a look here.

Little Fisher Co.
HANDBAGS. How good are handbags, so versatile, so pretty, so practical. You know who else is keen on handbags? Mums. You know who makes the loveliest of handbags? Little Fisher Co. Specifically of the Moroccan variety. They are the woven kind with leather straps and they come in both backpacks (convenient) and a larger tote style. Perfect for carrying all the things Mother’s do plus as a little carry on bag for when we can fly again. Love these. Here they are.

Little Fisher Co.

Huckleberry Flowers
Flowers are a thing all Mamas love and they’re an absolutely beautiful gift for yours this Mother’s Day. Huckleberry Flowers are a beloved Gold Coast business who create absolutely magical floral bouquets using both fresh and dried flowers. Choose from SO many types including natives, bold and garden or have the girls put together a dried bunch so she can keep them forever. Find Huckleberry online here (they’re also doing delivery) or grab some from Miami store Heartfill.

It’s Coco & Peach
Since there’s still plenty of sunshine on the Coast (and we’re allowed to have picnics again), why not gift Mum the perfect outdoor umbrella. Coco & Peach have a stunning range including yes, Peaches and Cream that we absolutely adore. There are some with sweet little tassels and some without but all of them are so delightful and definitely the kind of thing you can “borrow” for the day when Mum’s not using it. Find your favourite here.

Grit Ceramics
If locally made ceramics haven’t changed your life yet, allow us to drain your wallet quick smart. One such brand of absolute ceramic gold is Grit Ceramics who create the prettiest of plates, keep cups, bowls etc. in all your favourite Autumn hues (think navy, grey and turquoise). The brand draws its name from the properties of the word grit which means particles of stone or sand, courage and passion for long-term goals. That floats our boat and probably your Mum’s too. Fill up your cart here.

Comfort and Calm
Oh the classic candle. What woman in the world doesn’t already have 57 in her house and a need for many, many more? Comfort and Calm boast a beautiful range of handcrafted candles in scents like Island Living (yes please) and Zest for Life (double yes please). Best. Gift. Ever. They also make the ceramics too, so add a few for Mum why don’t you. Sniff them out here.

Comfort and Calm

Cedar and Stone Botanicals
This is one Gold Coast brand who have become a household name and for good reason. Their earth conscious, organic skincare are divine and the perfect gift for the one you love most. With everything from moisturiser to body oil, essential oils, exfoliant and even handwash, they’ve got Mum covered this Mother’s Day. There are lots of delicious flavours to choose from and we’re pretty sure every single one is worth owning. Wait, buying for Mum. Both. Get every single thing here.

The Beige Studio
Locally created art is our favourite kind of art and we particularly love that of The Beige Studio. Purchase a colour-filled print to adorn Mum’s wall and we guarantee you’ll get plenty of brownie points for these ones guys. Choose to have a commissioned piece done or a print from the online store and either way, you’ll be bringing a smile to the face of everyone involved. Choose your favourite here.

Little Cocoa
Chocolate. Obviously. But not just any old chocolate, the very best kind. Little Cocoa are the creators of artisan chocolate pralines and let us tell you, they are the goods. Now for Mum you can get a special Mother’s Day box featuring a touch (hand painted) of leopard print plus a little rose gold bling to keep things fancy. There are three tasty types in the box including Espresso Martini, Macadamia Ganache and Passionfruit and White Chocolate and you should probably grab a box for yourself while you’re at it. Get them here.

Happy shopping favourite children, you are welcome.

Words by Kirra Smith

Little Cocoa



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