5 ideas for dates with your girl gang

Trivia at Justin Lane

Dates with your girlfriends are one of lifes’ greatest pleasures, easily surpassing boyfriend dates, Tinder dates and Netflix dates with your furry friends (only just on that last one obviously).

In celebration of gal pals, eating, midday margaritas and the good time that is a combination of all three, we’ve concocted a list of five ideas for girlfriend dates and reasons we made up as to why.

Take a dance class
Here we recommend margaritas before activities, not during, because messy. Across the Coast there are MANY options for dance classes and what could be better for inciting bulk laughs and creating delightful memories than prancing (or stomping) around, working up a sweat and reminding yourself just how bendy you really aren’t anymore. From pole dancing to salsa, hip-hop and even ballet if you want to get really girly, you’re bound to find something you all love. Oh and there’s a dance in the dark type class if you don’t want randoms knowing just how bad you actually are.
Tip: Try Lights out and Dance or find something a little bit different here 

Head to Burleigh Hill
Every good story involving drinking and frivolity also seems to mention our beloved Burleigh Hill. Could be a lack of creativity but let’s roll with it. So Burleigh Hill is a choose your own adventure style of good time meaning you can bring any and all food and drinks you wish. Which means things could be super chill or you and your gal pals could end up swigging champagne and choreographing a Step Up dance routine for the good folks of the Gold Coast to admire. We vote option B.
Tip: Order an epic cheese platter from Your Platter Matters or a pizza delivery from Justin Lane

Get arty
The Gold Coast has gotten very creative over the last little while with arty workshops and classes popping up all over the place. Which is good, because we think that’s the perfect date idea for a day with the girls. Also, at some such classes and workshops you are allowed to drink wine while you work which, trust us, only enhances your creativity. There’s everything from life drawing classes to silver jewellery making and watercolour painting to pottery and what could be more fun than gathering your girlfriends, getting creative and having something cute to show for it at the end of the day.
Tip: The Craft Parlour has many sweet workshops and Dust Temple hosts regular life drawing classes

Hiking at Springbrook

Go hiking
Wait, give us a chance to explain. While hiking may not seem like much of a date style activity, a relaxing stroll through the rainforest is also acceptable. With wine and cheese at the end if you can be bothered to carry it. The argument for hiking is this; fresh air obviously makes you feel good, as does exercise and, if you go with your girlfriends, there’ll be others willing to complain about how hard it is and participate in discussions about how unfit you all are. Unlike say, with your boyfriend. Then, at the end of the hike, maybe you find yourselves at a stunning Insta-worthy location for a few snaps or, with some well-earned wine and snacks in hand to celebrate your effort.
Tip: here are a few of our favourite hikes around the Gold Coast 

Test yourself at trivia
Potentially the funniest date spot of the bunch, trivia with your girlfriends is a guaranteed good time. First of all, it’s a test of who knows the most random things (always fun amongst friends) and second of all, you can make new friends with the winners of the trivia so next time you’re a winner too. Winning is important guys. Not to mention, trivia on the Coast usually takes place at the best bars so you get to indulge in a few tipples, eat some tasty foods and laugh all night long. This idea is actually our favourite of the bunch now that they’re all out there. Invite us please, we know some things and also maybe
Tip: Peruse this list of local spots for some Gold Coast trivia good times

Words by Kirra Smith