Tropical Fruit World

You may have seen the giant avocado on the side of the M1 on your way to Byron Bay emblazoned with Tropical Fruit World, I like fruit, so I went to check it out.

Before Bob Brinsmead and his wife Val bought the farm, it was owned by the Department of Agriculture.  As a child, Bob would visit the departments research centre to get a taste of the delicious avocados. When the farm went on the market, Bob and his wife bought it the next day. Over the next 44 years Bob and Val collected exotic fruit plants and now have 540 types of tropical fruits grown here from around the world.

While Tropical Fruit World is a farm and a fruit market, there is also a fantastic tour where you can explore all the lush orchards and activities the property has to offer.

A day at Tropical Fruit World starts by loading up for a tractor ride through the orchards. Your guide will keep you entertained with the history of the volcanic rim the farm sits on, while picking fruit right from the trees as you drive past. You’ll stop for afternoon tea or in this case, a fruit break, where you will be able to try a variety of fruits your guide has hand picked.

The tour continues on to fauna park where you can spend some time snuggling and feeding kangaroos, emus, goats, horses, sheep, cows, donkeys and even chickens!

Your tour isn’t over yet. Next up, it’s time to board the river cruise to the island. On the island there are loads of activities including a mini train, soaring on the flying fox, playing mini golf, shooting hoops or hitting the playground.

Finally you’ll spend the last leg of the tractor ride taking in the beautiful view of the rolling orchards before you disembark.

Take a stroll down the luscious greenery lined path to the fruit tasting room (yay eating time!). You will get some information about the fruits you are going to try, then dig in! Out of the 10 fruits we tried, 5 I had never heard of, and 7 I had never tasted before! You haven’t lived until you’ve tried a sweet, custard apple or the chocolatey black sapote (that you eat right before it rots!).

When you’ve found your favourite fruits (mine was the jackfruit aka God fruit and custard apple), head to the fruit stand where you can buy them to hake home!

If you would like something a bit more substantial, the cafe offers fish and chips, wraps, burgers, coffee, teas and sweets. Make sure you stop into the gift shop and pick up some bath and body goodies exclusive to Tropical Fruit World and to cap off your visit, don’t leave without an ice cream! Pick your exotic fruit flavours and watch as your ice cream chef blends them into a delicious treat
It’s a bit of a drive, but a great stopover and worth it for the ice cream you wont be able to get anywhere else.

The fruit market is open every day and is free to visit. Stop in and pick up your avocados, jackfruit, black sapote, star fruit, bananas, papaya and many more!

29 Duranbah Rd Duranbah NSW 2487


By Marleigh Kelly



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