3 Gold Coast Young Rich Listers

Everyone with eyes is aware that the Gold Coast is home to many people who are considered rich (money-wise that is) but did you know we can also claim three of Australia’s top 100 wealthiest people aged 40 and under? True story.

The Financial Review compiles a list of these very people every year because, you know, us regular people definitely need an annual reminder of exactly how hard we didn’t work.

Anywho. Debuting at numbers 58 and 59 on the list are HiSmile co-founders Nik Mirkovic and Alex Tomic, the youngest newbies of 2017 at 22 and 24 respectively. The pair are worth a whopping $46 million combined and seriously, were we the only ones who completely misspent our youth. Don’t answer that.

The pair became bored six months into their commerce degrees (fair) and, in 2014, developed their teeth whitening business with the help of reality TV personality (star?) Kylie Jenner, who posted about the product on her ridiculously popular social media accounts. Conor McGregor did the same. It’s an (Insta) story for the ages really.

Next up is everyone’s favourite fit girl, Emily Skye, who debuted on the list at number 83 with a net worth of $32 million. Her biz sells fitness programs via apps and video tutorials and the girls’ got 10 million followers on Facebook and 2.1 million on Instagram (goals).

This year she registered the Emily Skye trademark, launched a make-up line and secured sponsorship deals with Reebok and Lucozade.

So there you have it. Young Gold Coasters doin’ it for themselves.

Got any bright, entrepreneurial ideas up your sleeve? Feel free to share.

Words by Kirra Smith