10 must-dos at the 2018 Gold Coast Show

For a whopping 112 years the Gold Coast Show has been a much-loved local event. From traditional wood chopping to prize cattle, bulk showbag choices and live tunes plus of course, all of the rides, there are plenty of reasons to get involved.

This year there are two locations for all the action, one for the rides, sideshow alley, showbags and wood chopping and one for all the animal-related activities. We highly recommend getting to both.

However, in the interest of keeping things short and sweet, here are 10 we think you’ll love.

Check out the light festival
So this is pretty exciting. A light festival, which is set to be unlike anything the Gold Coast has ever seen, will illuminate the sky every night of the show. How good. LuminoCITY will light it up in a world-class laser light show consisting of five different laser activations and with 20 spectacular light sculptures.
Where: Broadwater Parklands, Southport 

Catch Casey Barnes
Australia’s beloved son is playing a FREE SHOW on Friday night from 7.20om until 9pm. Take your picnic rug and round up the crew and get set to watch your mate bring the house down with his rockin’ vocals.
Where: Great Lawn, Broadwater, Southport

Hit up the beer and wine garden
Because it’s a garden with beer and wine. It’s called The Stockyard Beer and Wine Garden and it comes in the form of a rooftop bar, which is very telling of the Gold Coast’s hospo scene these days is it not. Go Gold Coast Show. Maybe hit it up after you’ve tested out the rides though. Your call.
Where: The Great Lawn, Broadwater Parklands, Southport

Ride a camel
If you’ve never had the pleasure of doing this before, trust us, it’s quite a good time. Camels have a very interesting way of getting up and down due to their weird body shapes and giant humps. Plus you get to sit in between said humps and the camels stroll along the beach so, romance. Or just a hilarious time if you have the kiddies.
Where: Broadwater Parklands, Southport

Go on rides all day long
Guys, all day rides. It’s like one big party complete with take home goodies at the end. Spend the day on as many spinning, dropping and stomach churning rides as you like. As people with not so strong stomachs, we will be frequenting the giant swing and the Ferris Wheel only.
Where: Broadwater Parklands, Southport

Buy all the showbags
One of the highlights of your childhood and ours was undoubtedly choosing a showbag (or two) from the great hall of goodies. As is the case with many of the best things in the world (wine), showbags have only improved with age so get in early to nab the best ones. Hubba Bubba and Dr Seuss for the win.
Where: Broadwater Parklands, Southport

Visit the farm animal nursery
Because baby animals of any kind are life. Cruise around with the little ones, snap a few pics and think yourself lucky to be alive. The nursery is open from 9am every day so there are lots of opportunities to pop in and get your fix throughout the weekend.
Where: Owen Park, Queen St, Southport

Eat tasty foods
There’s a HUGE array of food on offer at the show every year but 2018 has upped its game. All that roaming around is sure to make you hungry but you definitely won’t leave that way. Find food trucks at Owen Park and market-style outlets at Broadwater Parklands.
Where: Owen Park, Queen St, Southport and Broadwater Parklands, Southport

Try your luck at Sideshow Alley
You haven’t visited the show unless you’ve attempted to throw a ball into the mouth of a clown because you really want a giant stuffed toy. There’s even more games to try this year so make sure you schedule enough time to try them all. Or make your significant other do it for you.
Where: Broadwater Parklands, Southport

Marvel at the fireworks
No celebration is complete without them. Watch as the night sky is lit up with one of the Gold Coast’s most impressive firework displays of the year.
Where: Grab a spot at Broadwater Parklands for the best view


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