La Piazza on Bayview

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Some people come for the Beer, some to reward themselves with fine food after a hard day’s work, some are just passing. Whatever there reason, La Piazza on Bayview is a haven! Share the sight’s and smells of everything good about the Broadwater, and let it come together. Be yourself here, there are no airs and graces, just good humor, good manners, music and dancing, with food and drink aplenty.


Restaurant | Bar | Weddings | Functions | Bar | Social Place for the locals

Probably the hardest thing you’ll do here is decide what to eat. To be honest, it’s far better to eat our food that read about it. Safe to say that our chef and kitchen devotees deserve all the accolades they have massed (though you may see them on show – they covet only happy diners and their empty plates). Oh, and the beer is pretty good too! Choose from European beers standing alongside the regulars at the bar.



21 Bayview Street,

Runaway Bay


07 5563 9200


La Piazza


Opening Hours

Mon - Fri    10.00am - 10.30pm
Sat - Sun    7.00am - 0.00am