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Simple, thoughtful meals, based on wholesome, hearty produce and fashioned for sharing.

Clifford’s Grill & Lounge has brought heritage back to the Gold Coast. Named after the street attributed to 19th century world-class rower, Thomas Clifford, we are a modern eatery offering the raw flame of a grill house coupled with the contemporary competence of an inner city bar.

At Clifford’s you eat. And you eat well. You’re served. And you’re served well. Our menu is telling of its intent: social grazing and solid taste testing ideal for groups of friends toasting the day with a post-work cocktail or sunset beer. We offer a contemporary menu that will incite the dining impulses of even the hardest to please. Simple, thoughtful meals, based on wholesome, hearty produce and fashioned for sharing - the perfect complement to great conversation in a beautifully relaxed setting. 

We are a modern spin on the traditional grill house, boasting a centrepiece ten-burner grill that our culinary talent sets alight daily to fire up fresh meats, seafood and other staple favourites grilled to mouth-watering perfection. Salads, tapas and sides with a twist will also have you second guessing your options being spoilt for choice. 

To experience Clifford’s is to step straight into a culinary space showcasing style and sophistication in design; heart and soul in food and service. Our establishment has been designed entirely around you, the diner. Class and culture, salt and sophistication, with an emphasis on interaction, taste and relaxation, Clifford’s is just what the Coast has been waiting for. 

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Clifford's Grill & Lounge


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