Adrian Grazioli

Adrian Grazioli is the Gold Coast's master Pastry Chef and owner of The Pastry Emporium in Bundall.

We sat down for a chat with Adrian about the delicious goodies he's cooking up for Easter and how he came to be in such high demand.

1.    What exciting treats have you created for Easter?

We’ve got some exciting things happening for Easter this year including our Hot Cross Buns which are brioche style with a white chocolate cross.

We’ve also got a Petit Gateau, which is an individual Easter cake. It has chocolate mousse, hazelnut sponge, hazelnut glaze and a surprise Easter decoration. The Creme Egg Tart is a chocolate tart shell with chocolate and tonka bean ganache, chocolate egg shells, white chocolate mousse and mango jelly and the Easter log which is similar to the individual cakes but made to share.

2.    Why should Gold Coasters try something unique this Easter?

At The Pastry Emporium all of our products are made on site and we’ll be starting work at 3am this week to ensure everything is fresh and ready to go. The Easter products we’ve created are really delicious and have a few more exciting components than your regular Easter egg.

Also, the chocolate we use is Callebaut Couverture, which is Belgian chocolate made with 53% cocoa butter which makes the flavours even better.

3.    How do you develop ideas for specialty pastries?

I have a team of four pastry chefs from all around Australia who are very creative; we bounce ideas off each other all the time to come up with exciting new concepts. I also draw ideas from previous times throughout my career and photos I see that make me think of a unique spin I can put on something.  

4.    What’s the most extravagant pastry you’ve created in your career?

I once made a 160 ball Croquembouche for a wedding, which was crazy. You have to make the Sioux pastry, then fill the balls with custard (we make that fresh) then you need to freeze it and put it together – it takes about three hours in total. The delivery is probably the hardest part though and the humidity on the Gold Coast doesn’t help! 

6.    Tell us about your career so far?

I’ve always been into cooking. My parents have been restaurateurs for over 40 years so I’ve grown up around food.

At 24 I decided I wanted to do my apprenticeship in pastry after a trip to Melbourne where I visited Brunetti’s in Carlton and fell in love with pastry. I emailed them when I returned home and got a response after a few weeks. I flew down for an interview, did a four week trial and within three months had moved down to start my apprenticeship. I stayed there for three years.

After that I worked at Bistro Guillaume for a short spell before returning to the Gold Coast and starting work at Palazzo Versace where I stayed for eight months before working at Sweet at Ferry Road markets (now Providore).

I started creating The Pastry Emporium on the side and went out on my own around four years ago and haven’t looked back.

7.    Is there one thing at The Pastry Emporium that customers love the most?

Our doughnuts and croissants are the most popular at the moment. Donuts have quite a good vibe around them and we make ours with brioche of course, they’re fresh every day, which is the best part. Nutella is a favourite flavour as well as custard and this weekend we’ll have passionfruit curd and caramel banana flavours. We roll our croissants here and use the best butter, they’re fresh and delicious! 

8.    Do you have a favourite pastry to create?

I love making all the pastries!