Stafford Brothers

From the beachy Gold Coast to the glitzy Vegas club scene; the Stafford Brothers have created their own successful DJ path. Creating a house party vibe wherever they go, the duo who have worked with American superstars such as rapper Lil Wayne, Christina Milian, TI, Rick Ross and Jay Sean show no signs of slowing down.

Currently touring Oz, we spoke with one half of the Stafford Brothers duo, Chris about his hometown, his inspiration and what the boys would be doing, if they hadn't become DJ's.

Where was the Stafford Brothers old stomping ground on the Gold Coast?

Billy’s Beach House where we started our first gig (which is no longer there sadly).

What do you miss most about the Gold Coast when you are overseas?

Family, friends and Mum’s cooking.

You recently had a gig at NightQuarter, where has been your favourite place to play on the Gold Coast?

That was an amazing night with so many friends and family coming out to support. We haven’t played on the Gold Coast in a long time so I’d have to say Nightquarter is definitely a fresh idea and great place to play. The vibe is crazy.

Is there talk of dropping any new singles in 2017?

Definitely! We have six tracks ready to go and we’re finalising the roll out now.

When was the moment you realised the Stafford Brothers had made it?

We still don’t believe we have made it. We always believe there is another goal to achieve so I don’t think we’ll ever think we’ve made it.

Best part about being world renowned DJ's ?

The best part of DJ’ing is seeing the world. 

How different do you think it is for aspiring DJ's today compared to when you started? 

We started out on vinyl so that’s a huge difference. You had to build a collection over time and you had to learn how to mix on turntables. DJ’s today can download an entire set, sync the cdj’s and they are ready to go. 

Any pointers for the aspiring?

It is definitely harder to be noticed these days so be original. Produce music, as that is going to help and have fun!

Who has been your biggest inspiration and why?

Roger Sanchez was a DJ that changed our sound but also I would say the island of Ibiza. The first time we went to Ibiza we were playing a lot harder music to what we heard over there. We came back to Australia and ended up buying more vinyl in that house music style.

If you hadn't become DJ's what do you think you would be doing now?

Matt -  Playing rugby professionally or sports manager
Chris - A magician or actually using my business degree

Your Gold Coast Top 5.

1. For a coffee fix - BSKT Cafe

2. To catch a wave - Nobby's Beach

3. For a great dinner - Hellenika

4. To grab a drink - Justins Lane

5. To hit the dancefloor - NightQuarter

You're not a Gold Coast local if you haven't…

Been at Trish the Dish on a Tuesday (you haven’t come to Mum and Dads and had Mum cook for you haha).