SkyPoint Climb

Calling all daredevils!
How does scaling the largest building in the Southern Hemisphere sound? Pretty awesome right? 

The Gold Coast’s Q1 building is the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere when measured to the top of it’s spire. It’s also the tallest building in Australia, a Gold Coast icon and offers stunning 360 degree views of the entire Gold Coast.


It’s observation deck located on the 77th floor has fittingly been named SkyPoint

You can take the elevator to SkyPoint Observation Deck in 42.7 seconds. The deck features the best views of the coast, a restaurant and full bar. So let me break it down, In 42.7 seconds you can get to the highest bar in town with the best view and good food in under a minute. Total no brainer people! 

If 77 floors isn't high enough for you, you can do the SkyPoint Climb. Australia’s highest external building climb!


Here’s how it went for me.

I checked in on the ground floor. Once I had filled out my liability/safety waiver, I was given a super cool ball cap. I noticed the cap had a ribbon hanging down with a ring on the end. That had me curious. However, I chucked it on and waited on the couch for further instruction. 

When it was time for the tour to start, our fearless leader Rach lead us into a holding room. The first thing she did was give us all a breathalyser. Drinking and climbing is a big NO NO! 

We all passed and then she gave us instructions to take off any loose belongings (watches, earrings etc) and put them in a locker. Sunglasses were ok. 

Once our things were stowed away, we were given a jumpsuit. All suited up, we headed into another room where step-by-step Rach guided us into our harnesses. She took care in explaining each section of the harness and how each clamp and carabiner worked. The hat and our sunglasses were attached to our jumpsuit. (ah-ha!)

Strapped in and ready to climb, we made our way to the elevator. 

The speedy elevator had a screen on the ceiling showing you what it looks like on the outside of the elevator which was a neat addition. 

I was surprised by how smooth the ride was. If it weren't for my ears popping, I wouldn't have believed we were moving at all! 

When we arrived at the SkyPoint Observation Deck, Rach showed us around then took us to where we would be exiting the building. 

We were connected to a clamp called a glider that attached to a rail that extended the entire length of the climb. Once we were all locked in, Rach opened the door to outside and the climb started. 

The first portion was a ladder. One at a time we climbed the ladder to the stairs. Climbing the ladder may have been the most frighting part because it’s the initial exposure to the incredible height. 

Adrenaline pulsing through my veins, I was careful with each step. About halfway up the steps we took a little break. Rach gave us a few facts about the climb like how we were going to climb 298 stars from start to finish. Taking that break was a nice because I got to settle with the feeling of being so high and the fear started to wear off. There is a point on the stairs where you can unclamp one of the carabiners so you have a bit more lead and you can take a peak over the side of the building. Curiosity trumped fear and I took a lean over the edge. Although I had to remind myself to breathe, it was totally worth it. Everyone on the ground looked smaller than ants. it was extraordinary! 

We continued on and made our way to the top of the climb. Here was our first photo opp. Rachshowed us how to lean back and hang over the building. She did it no problem and leaned way back. (I told you she was fearless!) When it was my turn I was not so fearless. I did my best to lean back and let go, but my body and brain were on two different pages. A second after I let go my hands instinctively went back to grabbing my lead. It took me a few times, but finally I let go long enough to snap a photo. It was one of the most exhilarating and scariest things I have ever done. 

Once at the top we had a chance to relax. We learned about the massive Q1 Spire that weighs 87.2 tonnes, that the climb is connected to the building by clamps (ahh!) and that there have been over 135 marriage proposals and 1 wedding at the summit! (Dont worry, they take extreme care to make sure the ring doesn’t fall) 

We took a look at all the natural landmarks like Mount Warning and the Nerang River and Rach pointed out all of the iconic Gold Coast buildings. 

It was truly remarkable seeing the Gold Coast from such a high vantage point. We hung out on the top of Q1 for a good amount of time, took some fun photos, and headed back down. 

Back down at headquarters we were given a free group photo and the opportunity to purchase additional pictures. We were also given a ticket good for free admission to the SkyPoint Observation Deck valid at any point though the day. Usually it’s $24 for adults to visit the deck. We've got a coupon for the SkyPoint Observation Deck too! If you haven't checked it out yet, you've gotta get there ASAP! It's got uninterrupted views as far as the eye can see, comfortable seating areas, and unlike the climb, you are safe and sound within glass walls and a solid floor! 

That was it for the SkyPoint Climb. It was absolutely breathtaking and a truly world class, bucket-list worthy experience.

I highly recommend giving it a try! (pun intended!) 

To book your climb visit or phone +61 07 5582 270

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By Marleigh Kelly