Charis Seafoods

Tomorrow is Good Friday and Charis Seafoods has you covered!


They've got you covered for Easter too! A Gold Coast institution, Charis Seafoods is the #1 destination for all your seafood needs and has been for the last 20 years! With the Friday Fish Frenzy on the horizon, you'll need to get to Charis Seafoods bright and early! It's one of the most popular places on the Gold Coast for fresh seafood, and Good Friday is their busiest day of the year! 
What’s for dinner tomorrow night, folks? Prawns, Bugs, Crabs, Dory? What about Salmon or Barramundi? 

*Notice the line for Fish and Chips in the top left corner!

*Notice the line for Fish and Chips in the top left corner!


When you walk into Charis Seafoods you will be pleasantly surprised by their huge selection. The largest selection on the Gold Coast in-fact! 

A giant wrap around bench covered in ice is topped with the freshest and finest seafoods the Gold Coast has to offer spans the entire building.  

They’ve even got a live lobster tank! (Fancy!)

Being one of the Gold Coast’s most popular seafood joints, they move a lot of product. You know what that means, it’s always fresh, and comes at a fair price. (YAAS to eating well and not breaking the bank!) 

With such a large array, it’s easy to let your inner-chef run wild. Will I be channeling my inner Rick Stein later?…Maybe! 


Perhaps cooking and channeling your inner master chef just isn't on the to-do list. No worries, Charis Seafoods has some of the best fish and chips EVER! Don't believe me? Just take a look at the line and all the people waiting to get their hands some! *refer to photo above :)

Served hot and in a paper box they are best eaten with a little vinegar and chicken salt. Don't worry, it’s right on the counter for you! A little tomato sauce and tartar sauce isn't too bad either. 

There simply isn't enough room inside for tables because of all the seafood on ice, but there is a beautiful lawn right outside with picnic tables for you to enjoy your fish and chips. 


Drawing heaps of tourists is the daily Pelican feeding. Everyday at 1:30 countless Pelicans gather hopeful to snag a bite of the fish scraps thrown out to them. It’s truly phenomenal.

The pelicans have grown so accustom to the tourists they aren't bothered by the mass amounts of people taking selfies with them! You can literally walk right through the flock with out disturbing them. Turns out we are more scared of them than they are of us! 

The pelican feeder has these guys trained too. As if robots they all move in unison. He will wave a piece of fish in the air and all their little heads follow. Pretty cool!


Go ahead and pop in and see what 20 years of friendly service, fresh seafood, and fried yumminess looks like.

Oh, too busy to pop in you say? I know, I know, it’s Easter and there are a thousand things on. 

Ok well lucky for you, they deliver. Order online and you can have the Gold Coast’s freshest seafood delivered right to you door! (Oh yea!)

Enjoy your Easter everyone, and remember, Good Friday = no red meat = seafood! 

*Is that Garlic Prawns I smell?!* 
  • 371 Marine Parade, Harley Park, Labrador

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By Marleigh Kelly