Beleza Food House

Brazilians are a passionate bunch. They are lovers of coffee, extravagant celebration and of course their native cuisine. 

Luckily for us Gold Coasters, we too can celebrate the unique flavours of Brazil at Burleigh’s recently opened eatery Beleza Brazilian Food House

The colourful, art-filled space buzzes with energy and the spicy, enticing scents wafting out the door are enough to draw you in before you’ve even spied the menu.

It’s the perfect stop in spot after a long, hard day on the beach (which is only a block away) or if you’re mid way between Mermaid and Burleigh and can’t wait a second longer for a snack.

Meat is a firm favourite in Brazilian culture and as such, almost every dish at Beleza offers exactly that. There are both small, share-style plates and larger meal options available and of course, an abundance of Brazilian beans to go around (another staple).

Since your main will no doubt be meaty, go for the Cheese Balls – made with mozzarella and parmesan – or the Tapioca Dice – cubes of tapioca and cheese – to start.

Picanha, a popular cut of beef in Brazil, is a must-try large plate made up of a grilled rump steak fillet served with rice, beans, chips and house salad. For something slightly different don’t go past the Brasileirinho – grilled chicken served with tropeiro (white) beans, rice, chips and vinaigrette.

If you’re in need of a quick snack on the go, stop in for a Coxinha – deep fried dough filled with shredded chicken.

What are you waiting for, get down to Burleigh and live it up Brazilian style for a while.

LOCATION: 1957 Gold Coast Hwy, Gold Coast

HOURS: 6am to 9pm seven days

Words and photos by Kirra Smith