Gold Coast Open House 2016

Do you know all of the Gold Coast's secrets?

The Gold Coast, we're a special place. You won't find the grand Government buildings like in Sydney or Brisbane. Our little beachside town is just made up of rundown beach shacks and shanties from the 50's and 60's right? Wrong! Did you know that we have buildings dating back to the late 1800's?! 

The historic, heritage listed and architecturally diverse buildings of the Gold Coast, not typically open to public viewing will be open for all to see on 5 November 2016. See first hand how these traditional buildings have been transformed into urban spaces.

The Gold Coast Open House is a free event and offers both guided and self guided tours of the most fascinating buildings on the coast, new and old! This is the second year that Gold Coast has participated in the event, with over 30 buildings and homes on display.

Open House events are held all over the world and was established in London in 1992 to give locals a better understanding of architecture and the built environment, in their own backyard.

This is a great event both for the inquisitive and architecturally inspired, or those just interested in learning some more of Gold Coast's history. The event is run by volunteers, so if this is something that you would be interested in or you want to see the list of interesting buildings included this year, visit the Gold Coast Open House website at

Stay tuned; we will be revealing some intriguing secrets about this years participating Gold Coast buildings!

By Amy Merridan