The Wax Museum

5 reasons to let yourself get lost in the wax of it all..

The Wax Museum, Surfers Paradise has been left glowing after a well deserved refurbishment thanks to Manager, Peter Tomlinson. Its been housing the best of the best since 1968, is the largest Museum of its kind in Southern Hemisphere and continues to offer the unique opportunity to get up close and personal with presidential bodies, glitz and glam, and some of the less fortunate folk from the ages.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to experience one of Gold Coast's most unique treasures:

1. That new car smell  

The venue has been given a new lease of life after some fresh paint and new flooring. The wax models have a new type of glow about them thanks to the revamp.

2. A trip down memory lane

The Wax Museum has been keeping Gold Coast locals and visitors intrigued for coming on 50 years. It is a must-do whether you’re here on holiday or have been living on the Gold Coast since the 70’s. It offers a truly unique and entertaining experience, enjoyed by all walks of life.

3. I mean when are you ever going to be able to get this close to THIS many famous people?

With over 110 wax models on display at any one time, you’re guaranteed to see someone whose autograph you’ve been dying to get. On display are members of the Royal family (princess Kate looking stylish as always), the American Presidents & Australian Prime Ministers, sporting legends and the big name stars that we all love including Michael Jackson, Johnny Depp, Jackie Chan, Kylie Minogue and Whitney Houston .. just to name a few.

4. BOO! It’s Halloween

The perfect opportunity to make the most of the “Chamber of Horrors”. A 30 minute guided tour which gives you a detailed insight to some of the most gruesome torture methods that were used centuries ago, with blood and guts to match! The Wax Museum is open until late each night. 

5. History Lesson 101

The Wax Museum isn’t just about the figures, but the history associated with them as well. Historical documents such as Hitler’s will and the death warrant of King Charles I are also on display. Guaranteed, you will leave knowing more than you did on entering. 

By Amy Merridan