Making virtual reality a reality

The Gold Coast has beat the Russians and Americans in the race for the world’s first holographic entertainment centre.

Did you get super excited by the release of the "hoverboard"?  Only to be disappointed by the fact it was still on wheels? Or what about the misleading promises of hi-tech super cities, flying cars, spaceships and the likes... nothing but disappointment.

BUT... we know of a place where you can walk through walls, ride your hover bike through an alien planet and fly over ancient landscapes using only your mind! Even go direct into battle with a "mother wolf"… Prepare to release your inner Spok, the future is finally upon us!

Australian born Bruce Dell has made his childhood dream a reality. Inspired by the space age technologies that left us in awe whilst watching the likes of Star Trek, Total Recall and Back to the Future, Holoverse allows us to step into a virtual reality we had only dreamed possible. Described as an “imaginative creator, inventor and leader in his field,” Bruce has really bought some of the most advanced technologies and futuristic experiences to our fingertips.

The first of its kind, Holoverse has revolutionised the interactive gaming experience. You can step in to the future every 30 minutes at the Southport base. There really is no age limit when it comes to this type of venture, once in the midst of this sci-fi hinterland you wont want to leave.

If you're looking for things to do this weekend, make sure you get in ahead of time and experience the future first hand at Holoverse on the Gold Coast.

By Amy Merridan