Chameleon New Age Salon

Whether you need a new do or a new state of mind, Chameleon New Age Salon can help you find the change you need. Located in the heart of Surfers Paradise, Chameleon is so much more than meets the eye.

Here are 8 reasons to check out Chameleon New Age Salon if you need to feel better from the inside out.

1.     The Salon
From edgy cuts to dreadlocks and vibrant colour, Chameleon can transform dull hair into a work of art. They also offer henna and facials for when your skin could use a little pick-me up. Or maybe you’d like a relaxing massage aided by the healing power of crystals for when you need to relax and push the toxins out of your body.

2.     The Café
Relax in one of the many cozy nooks as you enjoy an organic coffee, cold pressed juice, tea or a snack from the in house cafe. Feel free to browse through the books from their library while you are there.

3.     Psychic Readings
Looking for clarity in your life? Why not try a psychic reading? The in-house psychic at Chameleon can touch on what is bothering you and speak to people on the other side who may have a message for you. Think of it as a therapist for the soul!
P.S. A little bird told us Princess Di’s personal psychic will start doing readings at Chameleon next month (OMG OMG OMG)!

4.     Yoga and Meditation
Located behind an ornate wooden door, the calming yoga studio is the perfect place to centre your mind while working on your body. Ohhhhm your way to a more peaceful and balanced life!

5.     Aura Readings
You know the old saying ‘The camera doesn't lie?’, well that is true for the aura camera too.You won’t be able to hide your true feelings from this aura catching machine. Let the camera identify what feelings are consuming your life. If your reading is unfavourable, head over to the psychic for some insight to what has happened or what could be.

6.     Shamanic Healing and Sound Bath
If you feel you’ve got some holes in your well being, let a Shamanic Healer call upon spirits    to help restore the holes in your soul. Or opt for a revitalising sound bath utilising sound frequencies to create proven reactions in your brain. You may be thinking this is wacky, but don't knock it till you try it!

7.     Shop
Do you need crystals, cards, incense, books, clothing, jewelry, fossils or salt lamps? Stop into Chameleon to pick up all the healing goodies you could want. They’ve also got a great line of haircare products!

8.     Charity Work
Owner Broni tells us there is a very strong sense of community at Chameleon. Not only between the staff but between the customers too. Broni and her team volunteer weekly at local charities, with Domestic Violence at the forefront of their work. Chameleon has unintentionally become a safe haven for those going through unfavourable times and helping those going through hard times is very important to Broni and her staff.
Whether it be a new haircut, a yoga class or a listening ear, Chameleon is a place where anyone can go in and come out feeling better.

3171 Surfers Paradise Blvd, Surfers Paradise

By Marleigh Kelly