With global warming in full swing and plastic pollution at an all time high I think we can all agree that something needs to be done!

Thanks to the visionary Damian Stone, founder of Water3, we might be one step closer to reducing the use of plastic after all. But what is Water3 and how are they helping our environment? We went to the official launch of this innovative eco start-up at Pacific Fair on Tuesday night to check it all out for you.

Water3 is a Brisbane based social enterprise dedicated to saving our planet, one water bottle at time. Water3 is a state of the art water refill station with a twist. Whilst the machine dispenses both still and sparkling water, it also dispenses a reusable water bottle embedded with RFID technology, providing a cleaner, greener and healthier alternative to plastic bottled water. The RFID technology allows users to 'charge up' and 'scan' to make a payment - much like a pre paid card.

Damien explains: "One of the biggest benefits of this technology is that you don't have to carry a card or cash to pay. Parents can give a water3 bottle to their kids and know that there is credit available to keep them hydrated all day long, simply by loading credit onto each bottle through our app or website".

The Water3 app includes a bottle management system to safeguard credit on any lost or damaged bottled, and also shows users where the nearest Water3 refill station is located. There will be over 1600 locations throughoutSE QLD, the first being Pacific Fair Shopping Centre.

Customers can also refill using their own reusable bottles, taking advantage of the handy paywave option.

Revenue from all water and bottle sales goes into turtle rescue and rehabilitation programs, and local cleanup projects, aiming to reduce the amount of plastic pollution on Gold Coast beaches and waterways.

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By Louisa von Ingelheim