Yatala Drive-In

The nostalgia is so thick at the Yatala Drive-In you can cut it with a knife. 

There is a magic at the drive-in you can’t find at a regular movie theatre. 
So what makes this place so special?

From the moment you pull up to the ticket booth, it feels like taking a step back in time. The old marquee signs and paper ‘admit one’ tickets will have you feeling like you are a cast member of ‘Grease’.

As you drive in, you’ll pull your car in front of the HUGE screen and next to a speaker. But don't waste time after you’ve found your spot, head for the Yatala Diner. This 50’s themed snack shack stocks all your favourites like popcorn, hotdogs and candy, but do not skip the deep fried Mars Bar with ice cream! One genius idea is to bring a mate with a ute, drop a mattress in the tray and watch the show under the stars. You’ll notice some people pull into their spot forwards, while others pull in backwards and make a snuggly couch in the back of their cars. Although we do recommend getting some popcorn and snacks from the snack shack, a lot of people opt to bring their own food too.

As the 50’s music on the speakers turn to previews, the movie begins. You will have the option of listening through the provided speakers which you can hang in your car through the window, or tune in through your car’s radio. Tuning in through your car’s radio will give you surround sound listening and if you have a subwoofer, look out! 

If you’ve brought your pillows and blankets, it will be the most comfortable you have ever been watching a movie in public (with the privacy of being in your own car, so active wear is perfectly acceptable). Don't forget to bring the dog too. Your pampered pooch will love sitting in the car with you watching the big screen. When the movie is over, you don't even need to get out of your seat. Simply turn the car on and drive away. 
Whether you round up a group of friends or snuggle up with a loved one, you’ll love this QLD treasure!

Open 7 nights a week

100 Jacobs Well Road, Stapylton

By Marleigh Kelly