Jetboat Extreme

Jetboat Extreme is one of the most adrenaline charged water activities ever!


Does the idea of hitting ‘Fast and Furious’ speeds and get you excited? Does the adrenaline packed sinking feeling in your stomach give you the giggles? We’ve found an activity that feels like the thrill of racing, merged with a roller coaster on the water. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, JETBOAT EXTREME.  Reaching speeds of up to 80kph backed by 440 horsepower you will be white knuckled as the boat fishtail spins across the water sending you into a fit of laughter all the while getting a big refreshing splash. It’s the daredevil of all the boats in the Broadwater. 

The day starts at the dock behind Helm Bar, where after signing in, we suggest you grab one of their waterproof jacket because you WILL get wet! After hopping in the cherry red speed boat and putting on your seatbelt (yes a seatbelt on a boat!) you are off. Immediately you’ll notice the way the boat glides. It feels more like you would imagine a space craft feeling rather than any sort of boat due to the way it hovers. After a easy cruise down the Nerang River, you’ll make it out to the Broadwater where the real action begins!  

Hold onto your bits because it’s about to get wild! Your boat will be the star of the Broadwater with all it’s trick moves! Make sure you put on a big smile on your first spin because the water photographer will snap your photo. With only four inches of water needed for this high powered boat to cruise, you’ll be screaming as your captain skirts the shallow waters at top speed, just feet from the sandy shore. Ducking and weaving through boats, over wakes and drifting past bouys it will be the most adrenaline packed hour on the water you’ll ever have!

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Boarding: Behind Helm Bar, Ferny Avenue, Surfers Paradise

By Marleigh Kelly