Top 10 things to do at this year's Gold Coast Show

For a whopping 110 years the Gold Coast Show has been a family favourite event amongst our community. From traditional wood chopping to prize cattle, there are definitely more than 110 reasons to love our Gold Coast Show, but here are the TOP 10 things to get excited about this year.

1. All Day Ride Pass
This is the first year the Gold Coast show is offering an ALL DAY ride pass.
At only $15 for kids (7yo and under) and $25 (8yo and up), go on as many spinning, dropping and stomach curdling rides as you want all day!
*Heads up, they can ONLY be purchased ONLINE*

2. The Showbags
We’re sure your kids (and you) have already highlighted which showbags you’ll be taking home, but man oh man, there is nothing like that feeling when you finally have your bag in hand.
Make sure you take full advantage of the public holiday by getting to the show early to have your pick of the bags!

3. Beer and Wine Garden & Food Avenue
The Gold Coast Show wouldn't be complete without a juicy Dagwood Dog. Wash it down with a beer and you’ve got yourself a classic Gold Coast Show meal. For the fancier show-goer, grab some crackling and a wine before you hit the rides!

4. Circus Workshop
Not only will Ashtons Circus be putting on a FREE show, they will also be holding a FREE workshop before. I don't know about you, but I think juggling is an impressive addition to any résumé.

5. Pig Racing
They might not be fast, but they sure are adorable. Gather to watch the little squealers race through an obstacle course. And thanks to Noah’s Farm, all the proceeds raised from the Thoroughbred Racing Pigs will go to Variety- the Children’s Charity.

6. Rodeo Wars
Cowboys. Need we say more?

7. Whips
This year there will be a whip cracking contest and whips of fire. Whips of fire, this intrigues us. Like how? Guess you’ll have to check it out.

8. FMX Show
Find yourself holding you breath as the professional FMX racers show off their best tricks. Seriously though, how do those guys make flipping on a motocross bike look so effortless?

9. Mantis Kung Fu Lion Dance
If you haven't seen the Mantis Kung Fu Lion Dance before, it’s a Chinese tradition that always sucks us in. The stunningly choreographed movements are mesmerisingly beautiful. We hear feeding the lions lettuce brings good luck to your family too!

10. Fireworks
BANG, ooooohhhh, ahhhhhhh, aweeeeee. Fireworks, no celebration is complete without them. Watch as the night sky is lit up with one of the Gold Coast’s most impressive firework displays all year. 

By Marleigh Kelly