Campbell and Moss

Local Gold Coaster and former model Kirra Galea, gives us the latest on her refreshing skincare line, Campbell and Moss.

 What made you want to start a skincare line?
I was looking for something I could do from home because I was planning on having a baby. The product was something that I already was using myself, medicinally and cosmetically, as I’m friends (and business partners) with the guy who developed the technology used to add ozone into the olive oil. I suggested we package it up and get it on the market, so here we are!

What makes your product different than others on the market?
Our point of difference is the fact that it contains ozone, which is a free form of oxygen. It’s highly active and very healing. The product only contains two ingredients, which are organic olive oil and ozone. Literally two ingredients, that’s all that’s in it! But it’s super potent and very effective.

Effective in what ways? What does it do for your skin?
It’s main purpose is healing. It has anti-ageing properties as well. Anything within the skin that can benefit from having a higher level of oxygen is going to benefit from using ozone. It’s good for psoriasis, stretch marks, acne, scarring or any impurity on the skin that can be helped by increasing the level of oxygen within the skin.

So the skin absorbs ozone?
Yes, the skin absorbs the ozone through the oil. We put the ozone into the oil, because it needs an oil soluble base to be able to absorb into the skin.

Can you explain how the ozone gets into the oil?
The way you make ozonated oil is by bubbling ozone gas into the oil, more or less and injecting it into the oil.
Every other factory in the world does this over 40 days and the result is just a weaker result. We do it a lot faster; it just packs more punch and is more potent.

How was it tested?
Just all on myself. However, ozone itself is a gas that has been used for years in hospitals; German hospitals use ozone in wound care. It was originally developed to use for tuberculosis in the 1800’s. So it’s been tested in the medical world for over a century.

What effects will someone using Campbell and Moss experience and how soon can they expect results?
I would say results almost instantly, especially with breakouts. People using the product can expect healing results. I do recommend reapplying as often as possible for maximum results.

What kind of skin is Campbell and Moss good for? Eg oily skin, dry skin?
It really is for any skin type. It’s moisturizing and anti-aging. Olive oil on its own is anti-aging, it’s amazing for your skin, but I think someone with oily skin might think it’s too much to put oil on their face, but that’s really not the case. I have quite oily skin and it seems a bit weird putting oil on your face, but it honestly works. I definitely want to emphasise that because I think it is something that people with oily skin might be weary of.

Since it’s made out of olive oil. Does it feel greasy on your skin?
It’s not greasy, but it’s a similar texture to coconut oil when it goes solid.

Where can we buy your products?
Online. (click here)

What’s next for Campbell and Moss?
I’m sponsoring two fashion shows in Europe next month, so I’m officially launching overseas then.

We know you chose the name for your line after 90’s supermodels, but why after Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss specifically?
They embody what the brand is all about. They are friends and friendship is a big theme with all my social media and my website. They are opposites, you’ve got the feminine little Kate Moss and then you’ve got the strong, aggressive Naomi Campbell. Campbell and Moss has softness to it, but there is masculinity as well. There is boldness as well as femininity. And because I’m just a 90’s girl, I’m obsessed with the 90’s and I think the 90’s has longevity. Campbell and Moss were so cool in their time, but they have still got it going on; they’re classic.

Is your product for men or women?
It’s for both. I’m female and I use it for my everyday beauty issues, but I had male customers use it for psoriasis and eczema. Maybe they don't want to say so, but men like to be in on the beauty too. But absolutely both sexes can use it.

What products do you use in addition to Campbell and Moss?
I love my Clearasonic. I go to Maxwell’s Skin and Beauty to get my facials done at Main Beach, they have their own developed from America and I love using their products. I think they run on a similar principal to me utilizing natural ingredients.

Do you have any skincare tips?
I think a healthy diet absolutely helps. Good skin starts on the inside, so try to be as healthy and active as possible. Drink lots of water and try to get more than three hours sleep at night, that helps. Exfoliate, sunscreen, just make an effort to look after your skin.

Is there anything else you would like our readers to know about Campbell and Moss?
It’s 100% organic and it’s super active. I’ve used other organic ranges before and it’s not done anything and I've also tried some of the super active products but felt like it’s stripping my face off. I love that Campbell and Moss is super active and actually does something you will see and feel, yet still gentle.


Quick 10 with Kirra on her local hot spots…

Where do you get your nails done?
Love My Nail at Capri Via Roma at Isle of Capri.

Where do you shop for your clothes?
Another Love at Ferry Road Markets, Designer Forum at Robina, Janine Edwards and Come As You Are.

Where is your favourite spot to grab a coffee?
BSKT in Nobby’s Beach.

Where do you like to go for breakfast?
Spendlove at the Ferry Road Markets

Where do you like to go for dinner?
Wine Barrel in Mudgeeraba.

What’s your favourite bar?
Aloha in Broadbeach.

Best spot for a low-key night out?
Hank in Broadbeach.

Best spot for a big night out?
Stingray in Surfers Paradise.

Best burger on the Coast?
The Lott at Robina, amazing burgers.

What’s your favourite day trip from the Gold Coast?
Byron Bay. We also go camping down near Grafton, that’s probably more of a weekend than a day though.