Timezone Coolangatta

You may think Gold Coast institution, Timezone, is just for the kiddies, but the new location at The Strand in Coolangatta will prove you wrong because kids of ALL ages can have a wildly, good time.

We checked it out and here are five reasons we think you should too!

1. The futuristic arcade games
It’s got the flashing lights and music like a pokie room, but at Timezone all the games are GIANT, they wiggle and shake you in your chair and they are all brand spankin’ new (so much better than pokies if you ask me).
Expect to play the most fun and visually stunning games available on the Gold Coast.

Whether it be a 3-D simulator like the Mini Rider where you will fly on a hovercraft through a futuristic racetrack, the 4-D Dark Escape zombie killing game that is so scary you’ll literally be screaming in terror, or keep it simple winning tickets in the MEGA ball drop (we got 125 tickets on this one!) there are hundreds of games to keep you entertained for hours (don’t skip skee ball, it’s the best!). Even their claw machines are up with the times; we caught a stuffed Pikachu!


2. You get to play live action games like a kid (and it’s not weird).
Aside from video and classic arcade games, Timezone Coolangatta also has several live action games. Suit up and test your stealth military skills in the futuristic laser skirmish arena. Run (ahem, walk fast, no running allowed) through the maze of fluoro walls as you hunt down your opponent. All shots are tracked, so aim to win (pun intended)! Hang up your laser shooter and make your way to the dodgem cars. Yell as you bump your way through the ‘traffic jam’, just be careful, you never know when you are going to get rear-ended! If you want something a little mellower, grab a cue and hit the billiards table.


3. Interactive 10-pin Bowling
A point of difference for the Coolangtta store is the 10-pin bowling. Head to the counter where you can grab your classically sexy bowling shoes and a tasty beverage (aka beer) and head over to the neon lined lanes.

Take a photo that will be displayed on the score board, pick your own music (with matching music videos) line up your shot and let it roll (insiders tip: If you buy a game of bowling you get a discount on drinks! #score).


4. You win stuff you totally want, but would never actually buy.
I’ve got to say, the prize selection at Timezone Coolangatta is awesome!

Choose from a Ninja Blender (if you are a superstar ticket winner) a giant slinky, basketballs, soccer balls, glitter batons, bubbles, whoopee cushions, moustaches, silly slime, playing cards and much more. You’ll end the night with a sore from screaming and giggling and go home with some random, but totally awesome stuff!


5. You easily spend hours playing
Of course Timezone Coolangatta is great for families, but it’s also a really fun destination for the ‘big kids’. We are between the ages of 20something to 40something, took no kids and stayed all night long! Your friends wont be disappointed if you plan your next b-day party, or friends night out here. Hell, you’ll probably have more fun than you would have at any ole’ regular bar! Plus they are open late seven nights a week, so the good wholesome fun lasts long into the night!


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The Strand 72-80 Marine Parade, Coolangatta

By Marleigh Kelly