Check out what's new at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary!

Check out what's new at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary!


Ok, so you’ve been there done that when you were 10, it’s tired now, blah blah blah.

You aren't the first one to say that and the awesome folks at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary have heard the cries.

They really care about the happiness of the animals and the patrons are of the utmost importance, so they have put some major effort into jazzing the place up.

So what’s new?

Some sings, walkways and railings have been shown a little tlc, but more importantly, THEY’VE ADDED NEW ENCLOSURES!

That’s right! Now you can check out a cute little bilby because you’d never find the little desert dwelling critters yourself.  Their new habitat is daylight reversal, so they are wide awake during the day (yay we can see them!) when they would usually be sleeping. They’ve been tricked into thinking it’s night.
A fan of Batman? Come see his friends, the ghost bats! What’s a ghost bat? It’s the spirit of a dead bat that comes to the bilby enclosure to spend eternity…just kidding. It’s a bat native to Northern Australia and they get their name from its unusual white colour.

The Wombat Den is another new enclosure. It’s pretty hard to get a glimpse of their cute little faces due to the fact they are nocturnal and love to stay nestled in their extensive underground cave systems. Lucky for us, the a state of the art borough has a glass wall, so getting a good look at those chubby cheeks is easier than ever!

The last new enclosure is the Bilinbah avery meaning ‘Land of the Parrots’ in the local Indigenous language of the Yugambeh people. Unlike the other aviaries in the park, the Bilinbah avery allows viewers to walk through at tree top level and view over 60 types of parrots. (Can you name more than three?) The avery has geographical elements ranging from rainforest to desert and with an impressive 40meters in length, the parrots can reach full flight speed before having to flap the brakes. (ha get it?)

So that’s the shiny and new covered, so what else is there to do at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary?

Perhaps obvious, but you can get a look at all the scaly, furry, fluffy, feathered animals. Actually feed Kangaroos and emu’s. You’ll be surrounded by them when you have a bit of grub in your palm, which you can purchase at the park.

Although there are officially 600 animals in the collection, over 2,000 animals call Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary home. Fun fact, did you know the largest croc in captivity lives at the sanctuary and is called Boss Hog?

While you are visiting, you’ll have to catch a show. Bilnky Bill’s show is a bit hit among the youngsters and the Free Flight Bird Show is also a crowd pleaser. (The wedge tail eagle flies right over the crowd’s heads!)

If trains are your thing, get fired up over the 5 miniature trains that roam the park. They are real functioning miniature trains. Train enthusiasts from around the world come to take a ride on these mini iron horses!

A major part of the park is it’s animal hospital. With funds raised by donation, over 8,500 animals have be treated. The hospital features large glass windows so park goers can get a good look at what is happening. (During my visit I saw a Tasmanian Devil having surgery!)

Another very important program at the park is the breeding of the Echidna. With the Echidna facing endangerment, the work they are doing at the hospital is a crucial part of their survival.

Think you’ve seen it all? Make sure you check out Treetop Challenge, Segway Safari, Zarraffa’s, and the café’s and shops! 


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By Marleigh Kelly