Australian Shooting Academy

Have you ever wanted to shoot a gun?
Australian Shooting Academy in Surfers Paradise gives first time gun enthusiasts a taste of what it’s like behind the barrel, without a license. 
Scared? Good. You would be crazy not to be. However,  Australian Shooting Academy has gone to great lengths to take the boo out of boom while still leaving the adrenaline and excitement you are searching for. 

With over 16 different types of weapons and Australia’s only indoor clay target range, you’ll easily find something to suit your taste. Whether you are looking to shoot something smaller like a glock, want to go a bit bigger with a Dirty Harry style revolver, or really want to bust out the big guns (literally) with an AR or shotgun, there is so much on offer, you’ll be sure to find something with the right kick.

A visit to Australian Shooting Academy starts at the counter where you choose your weapon from a picture menu. Once you pick which badass weapon you want to fire, you will then be escorted to one of the 6 ranges. As you walk in the range, you will be hit with the smell of gunpowder. Your paper target will be strung up and as you take a seat, and then the range officer will instruct you on how to properly handle the weapon. Put your safety glasses and earmuffs on and you are ready to fire. Let the adrenaline course through your veins as you position your hands, eyeball the scope and target, then when you are ready, light that sucker up! 

You can choose to shoot one gun or choose from a packaged deal if you feel your Jason Borne skills just aren't up to par yet. 

When you leave, you are free to take home your target as a trophy. If your’s looks anything like mine, you got the ready and the fire part right, but need a little work on the aim. Good thing ASA is open 7 days a week and starts at only $70! We can all be expert marksmen in no time! 

Paradise Centre, Surfers Paradise

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By Marleigh Kelly