Whales in Paradise

It’s that time of year again, time to see some whales!

The Gold Coast’s first Whale Watching company, Whales in Paradise has two purpose built vessels that are perfectly designed for viewing the 150-200 whales that pass by our shores daily during the winter months. It’s top upper deck, bow and fully windowed bottom deck give the visitors ample viewing spots. Whales in Paradise run five tours a day that guarantee a whale sighting or you’ll get a refund. You can even whale watch in the rain if the conditions aren't too windy (put that in your pocket for a rainy day)! And since whales don't ‘sleep’ like we do, they are active all day!

The cruise starts at the dock in Surfers Paradise where after a photo op with the ship, you board the vessel and are met with tea, coffee and if you like, sea sickness tablets (nothing worse than a booboo tummy on a boat or land sickness when you get home).

The route to sea will take you along the calm Nerang River where you will get a glimpse at the multi-million dollar star studded homes of the Gold Coast canals (you’ll even cruise by Jackie Chan’s house!). A short trip later and you will be out to sea via the gorgeous Broadwater. 

On both occasions I have cruised with Whales in Paradise, it’s never taken more than 15 minutes to spot our first whale, once at sea. 

The knowledgeable crew use only their eyes and ears to spot the whales. They look for the giant splashes caused by breaching (or jumping) and they listen for the sound of the whales breathing (whales breath comes out at 600kph and sounds like a big WHOOSH). 
Using an easy to understand ‘clock’ system, the skipper makes sure passengers know where to look (12 o’clock, there she blows!). 

You will be free to move about the ship to view from your preferred spot, but will need to hold on to the rails, it can get a bit wobbly. 

All of owner Anthony Ardern's staff are marine and wildlife enthusiasts. You can tell every person employed has a great passion for passing on their knowledge. Did you know that whales have footprints? (Yep, hold onto that one for trivia night!) When whales dive they make a smooth patch of water known as a footprint that is easily visible from the surface. 

There is also an albino whale named Migaloo (Aboriginal for ‘white fella’) that trolls the Eastern Australian coastline. He is 25 years old and a legend around these waters. Maybe you’ll be on the lucky tour that gets a glimpse of the old champ! You might even see some dolphins too! 

After a few hours and several whale sightings later, the ship heads back to shore. You'll be left with memories of an amazing day and great shots of one of the worlds oldest, largest, and most majestic animal. 

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By Marleigh Kelly