Float Life

Float tanks. We’ve been hearing about them a lot lately, but what are they?

Well for one, they aren’t new. Float tanks were originally developed in 1954 by John C. Lilly for the purpose of experimenting with sensory deprivation. And although they have only recently made a comeback on the Gold Coast, there were actually a couple float tanks on the Gold Coast in the 80’s (just ask any GC old timer, it was all the rage!).

So back to the question, what are they?

It’s a fully enclosed tank with dissolved Epsom Salt water (700kg infact!) that has been heated to 34.5C (body temp) that you float in. Much like the Dead Sea, you’ll be buoyant with no effort. The purpose of floating in a sensory deprivation tank is to relax, recover and reboot. It’s said to be good for people with physical ailments and those wanting to recharge their minds. Meditation if you will…

Popular with celebrity Joe Rogan, this remedial treatment is not just popular with the girls. Check out his rave review here.

So what’s it like?

The facilities at Float Life had the soothing spa qualities desired when trying to relax, but with noticeable attention to hygiene (thank God, we are sharing water after all). You will be guided through an introduction to floating and escorted to your private room. You will then take quick shower to cleanse your skin before hopping into the tank.

If floating is new for you, it’s best to do three floats in 10 days to get the full experience. 

My initial float was a bit of a novelty. As I bobbed in the warm, salty water, I had a very hard time getting past the excitement and curiosity that comes with the first float and found it difficult to actually relax. It’s pitch black, silent (except for your heart beat) and fun (I’m floating B*tch). Admittedly, I spent most of my hour deconstructing the experience instead of just enjoying it. When I did finally focus, the relaxation washed over me completely, and I slept like a baby that night.

Float two was much more relaxing. The giggles that came with the first float were gone; I found tranquility much faster. I felt myself comforted by the silence and stillness and left the tank feeling refreshed and recharged as though I had had just awoken from a full nights sleep.

During float three there was a turning point. Having mastered the art of stillness in the second session, I entered the tank and quickly spiraled into a hypnotic state of utter relaxation. Not knowing where one world ended and the next began, I felt as though my body had slid down the rabbit hole and was lost in a layer of requiescence. The gratification of the ethereal peace I had found was something truly out of this world. The session felt quite a bit longer because I was in a relaxed state for a much longer time. I left the session feeling spiritually and mentally revived and physically at ease.

If you are interested in getting your feet wet at Float Life (pun intended) click here

By Marleigh Kelly