Dracula's Cabaret

A night at Dracula’s Cabaret is famously one of the best nights you can have on the Gold Coast.

Either you’ve been for a party, or it’s on your to-do list. Regardless, there is a new show on and you’ve GOT to see it!

Your night begins at the Broadbeach post-modern Transylvanian castle Dracula calls home, which is also home to a band of mischievous ghouls. These undead rascals run rampant across the premises causing flurries of excitement and terror as they usher you through the large castle doors.

As you head into the castle, you’ll have no choice but to leave your earthy troubles behind. From that point on, you are buried alive in a 6foot grave and forced to ‘pass over to the other side’. Demons meet you with a cold glass of bubbly and a tantalizing selection of canapés (If you are dead VIP). Then make your way to the baroque Van Helsing’s cocktail bar where it’s advised you get a ‘shot of blood’ to ease your way into undead life.

As a newbie to Dracula’s, you may be expecting it to be a bit kitschy. Sure, it’s wild, loud and brash, but new blood will be shocked by the extremely high production value. It’s quite clear no expense has been spared in making this haunt as spookily opulent as possible (there are even ghosts in the mirrors in the restrooms!).

A wacky group photo and a ‘Ghost Train’ ride later a hissing vampire will escort you to your seat.  As your crass waiter takes your drink order (can’t go wrong with the Cyber Ghost fishbowl), another will come around and deliver your entree (no time is wasted here, they know dying makes you hungry).

With your fluro, smoking drink in hand and chosen delectable main course in on it’s way, the show begins!

RETRO VAMPT a 1970’s inspired Fangfest, is the most fun theatre experience to hit the Gold Coast. Funky retro vampires worm their way into your heart with freak show performances of classic 70’s tunes, circus inspired acrobats, puppets, flashy flared costumes and sexy vampire culture. But it’s not all peace love and Farrah Fawcett; true to it’s edgy non-pc roots, Dracula's Cabaret keeps the laughs rolling with their razor sharp wit and dark comedy (it’s not like you haven't thought those bad jokes before anyway).

Even when the cast are not onstage, Drac’s has been perfected to keep patrons entertained. During the set breaks, take this opportunity to get more drinks, browse through the unique gift shop and watch hilarious videos of patrons getting the bejezzus scared out of them on the Ghost Train.

As the show finishes, you’ll head down the stairs with strained vocal cords, sore abs, a full belly and tipsy (by tipsy I mean drunk), where you can take photos with the extremely talented cast.

Retro Vampt is a show you won’t want to miss and it books out regularly, so be sure to reserve a seat in advance!

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1 Hooker Blvd, Broadbeach

By Marleigh Kelly