King Tutt's Putt Putt

This winter, King Tutt's Putt Putt will be your saving grace when you are looking for a warm indoor swing of fun.  

Here’s why you can’t go wrong chucking on your wackiest golf shirt and bogey-ing over to King Tutt’s Putt Putt.

There are FOOOUUURRRR I mean, three awesome courses to ‘choose’ from. I use the word ‘choose’ lightly because once you get a look at how amazing the themed courses are, there's no way you will be able to hit on just one green.

The Egyptian Course will have you charmed upon first glance of the enchanted glow caves. With so much glow paint highlighting the faux ancient Egyptian artifacts, this course could easily double as a sarcophagus rave! Watch your gleaming ball skirt down the green like a comet over a pyramid, but good luck getting a hole in one with a mummy for a caddy!

Jurassic Putt will bring life to all your Jurassic Park fantasies! Make your best Jeff Goldblum impression as you send your ball streaming past animatronic raptors. Walk carefully under the neck of a Brachiosaurus and try not to let the T-Rex scare you out of a hole in one.  As you make your way over the wooden bridge and past the cave man drawings, don't miss your marker at the King Kong photo op (say cheese!).

The Outdoor Course will have you slicing through lush landscape, but beware of the hungry croc that wants to eat your ball. There are no mulligans given for eaten balls! –Sorry, PGA rules.

When you’ve finished the 54 holes, make sure you have a browse around the pro shop, aka arcade, before making your way to the nearest watering hole.

With the exception of the outdoor course, King Tutt’s Putt Putt is an indoor venue, so keep that in your golf bag for a rainy day!

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Corner of Surfers Paradise Blvd and Ocean Avenue in Surfers Paradise

By Marleigh Kelly