Haunted House

Exaggerated media reports will have you believing that Surfers Paradise is a scary place. Well for once, maybe they are right. That is if they’ve visited the Haunted House.

Don’t be a chicken, go forth and face your worst nightmares.

Supposedly MOST people make it out alive, but a demonic-carnival attired woman will body tag you…just in case. And unless you have sold your soul to the devil, we suggest not going through this horrifying experience alone.

From the start, ghoulish corpses reach their cold, dead fingers outward hoping to get a snag of your warm flesh, you’ll screech with horror… and you’re just getting started (muhhahahahaha).

As the elevator door edges open, cower in and hold on because you are headed straight to the top of the Haunted House.  Five floors of carnage await. Are you ready?

Let terror course through your veins as you creep through a tangle of blood-soaked horror. Squirm past the murderous scene of a Gold Coast lost to zombie Meter Maids and undead Lifesavers, just to find yourself lost in a maze of infinite mirrors. If by chance you escape, you will now be forced to face your scariest phobias.

After crawling through Kevin Rudd’s mouth (we know, politicians, scary!) and exiting though his pooper, prepare to meet the flesh-craving clowns. As swirls of unnerving carnival music and harlequin creatures touch on your deepest fears, you’ll need to control your pounding heart. I hear when they sense fear, they attack…

In a dither, you’ll move on to the city morgue. Plagued by the ungodly amounts of carnage, don't close your eyes as you walk past tortuous scenes of murderous villains subjugating their victims to ghastly deaths.

The thrills never die, floor after floor of hair-raising spooks like creepy Egyptian tombs, surprise shark attacks, horrendous torture chambers and ghostly ghouls will keep you on your toes. Fortunately it’s not all a fright fest, for every shriek, comes a laugh and a playful photo op. Perhaps one of the more wacky attractions on the Gold Coast, Haunted House will have you screaming in fright and laughing the entire way through.

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3177 Surfers Paradise Blvd, Surfers Paradise

By Marleigh Kelly