Game Over

Did you know the Gold Coast is home to Australia’s largest indoor theme park?

That’s right, Game Over is right in our own back yard! Given its geographical proximity to the other parks and the wide array of activities, would it be crazy to call Game Over The Gold Coast’s 6th theme park?

Curious, I headed to Game Over to get the scoop.

Here are six reasons why Game Over very well could be the Gold Coast’s 6th theme park:

1. Go Karts

Game over host a whopping 34 state of the art electric karts. The only ones of their kind on the Gold Coast, they have 22 Adult karts which have superb acceleration out of tight corners and 12 Junior karts for the beginner racers. Since the karts are electric, it’s a super smooth ride. It’s like driving the karts on ice! The Grand Prix track is constantly changing, so repeat customers need not worry about repetition. At Game Over, know you could be in for anything! Speed junkies and concerned parents don’t worry either; Adult karts and Junior karts never race at the same time.

2. Clip n’ Climb

13 climbing walls will prepare you for any type of adventure you can imagine. Game Over’s high adventure section is home to an impressive 16 heights activities in total! With all the colours, sparkling lights and variety, it’s more like a disco party wall than your typical rock-climbing arena. Try your hand at an ice pick climb on the dry ice wall, go commando on the army rope wall, scurry away from extraterrestrials on the alien wall, or race against yourself on the speed wall. If the safety of holding on to the wall is not risky enough for you, why not try the stairway to heaven? Jump from pylon to increased height pylon. When you reach the top, the only way to get down is a free fall!  And for the ultimate highflying adventure, test out the Leap of Faith. Climb eight meters to the platform where you then free dive into thin air!

3. The Meat Hook Sip Coaster

A personal favourite, this custom made swing designed specifically for Game Over! Similar to a carousel swing, but with a lot more oomph! As you strap in and creep up the track, it seems like you are in for a smooth relaxing ride, but oh no, this swing will have you speeding and twisting above the raceway. Give a wave to the kart drivers below as you soar over their karts and make your way back to the landing deck. Click here for a discount coupon!

4. Laser Tag

Imagine this: The Gold Coast has been attacked. Life as we know it is a thing of the past and the only way to stop things from getting worse is to go to battle. Strap on your Gen7 laser force battle suit and get ready for the most intense game over laser tag! Enter the hazy battleground where your blood will rise as the booming sound track hypes you to destroy the enemy. Ducking and weaving behind broken down cars, pieces of buildings and sneaking down corridors is the only way to protect yourself from getting lasered by your opponent. Prepare yourself, every shot is tracked, so there will be a winner and a loser at the end of each game. Who will you be?

5. Arcade

For a more chilled out way to pass the time, test your hand eye coordination on one of the many arcade games like Terminator Salvation or NOS.
And get a bit more interactive in the Sports Centre.

6. You can party here!

Tired of the same old yard parties?
You’ll be thrilled to know Game Over will host your party instead. Fun is guaranteed because the possibility of getting rained out is never an option. Whether you are looking to host a birthday party or go a little bigger with a VIP experience, there is room perfectly suited for you. The party room is a perfect spot for all your birthday needs, the observation deck is amazing because you can celebrate with a birds eye view of the track, and for the real macdaddy experience, spring for the luxe private suite! 

Game Over 88-108 Siganto Drive Helensvale

By Marleigh Kely