Crystique is your one-stop shop for all things new age. Crystals, wands, dream catchers, books, tarot cards, you name it, they’ve got it.

If you don’t need a wand, but do want a psychic reading, Crystique has that too. Located in a small shop in Australia Fair, it’s the last place you would imagine to find a legit psychic. A mall psychic? Give me a break. Everybody knows the best psychics travel in wooden wheeled caravans, use crystal balls, wear lots and lots of bracelets and have twinkly eyes. They are NOT conveniently located a few shops down from K-Mart in Southport.

But alas, after a little digging into the Gold Coast psychic community, Crystique was in fact the place to go.

As I walked into Crystique I made eye contact with an ordinary-looking gent most likely waiting on his wife who was caught up in the sparkle of the crystal jewellery displays. A more free spirited looking man behind the counter proceeded to lead me to a vibrant curtain; as he pulled it back there was my psychic. I half expected to see the great and powerful OZ, but there he was, the ordinary-looking gent, Greg.
Greg was in a button up and slacks. He was respectable looking; he had no crystal ball and no twinkly eyes.

An ex-engineer, and psychic since a small boy, Greg uses a mix of intuitive psychic ability and tarot cards to carryout his readings.

After saying introductions, he asked me if he could give me an honest reading. From there, I sat back and watched as he scribbled letters and symbols on a piece of paper.
He then revealed things about my past that are beyond knowing even with some SERIOUS Facebook stalking. He identified my current worries and revealed specific characteristics of the important people in my life with incredible accuracy.

Greg connects with the people watching over us in another realm and refers to them as ‘They’. Greg can tell you the things that ‘They’ are hoping you do, as well as when and where.
Tarot Cards are also used to emphasise the readings.

Without my having to ask, Greg touched on the topics consuming my thoughts and gave me some much-needed piece of mind.

Now, there is no way of telling if Greg is the real deal, or if psychic readings are just a bunch of hocus-pocus, but from the two week long waiting list to see him, it’s a fairly good indication of others believing.

If you are ready for your own reading, head to Australia Fair or Tweed City Shopping Centre.
Bookings are essential so make sure you call ahead.

Australia Fair Shopping Centre, Shop 1062, Southport 07 5527 0144

Tweed City Shopping Centre, Shop 233, South Tweed 07 5523 9198

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By Marleigh Kelly