High Coffee

Innovation has come to the Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove High Tea, with the introduction of High Coffee.

The first of it’s kind on the Gold Coast, it is held at The Fireplace, Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove’s signature restaurant.  

 Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove has a long-standing reputation of sophistication and quality. Last week they introduced High Coffee to the Gold Coast and not surprisingly, the same sophistication and quality apply. But why does Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove feel the need to change High Tea? High Tea has been a proven success since the 1700’s so why switch it up now, and what the heck is High Coffee anyway?

 Since moving to Australia from England, the Director of Food & Beverage Roberto Salicio (who has served tea to the queen herself) is aware that these days, most Australians prefer coffee and therefore request it during High Tea. His reason for introducing High Coffee to the Gold Coast is simple, if Australian’s want coffee, give it to them. It’s not a new concept though, cities such as Sydney and Melbourne have also recognized how fiercely Australian palates crave the warm, robust bean and have incorporated it too. It’s just taken someone with a passion for progression to step in and bring it to the Gold Coast.

 Blending caffeine, sweets and savouries, the culinary journey has been curated with precision. You’ll be spoiled with a selection of traditional afternoon sandwiches, warm savouries, a palate cleansing sorbet, warmed afternoon sweets and espresso-inspired delicacies. Signature pieces include smoked pumpkin scones with cream, Earl Grey macaroons, espresso lamingtons and The Fireplace’s signature éclair with coffee-custard.The menu is enriched with the expertise of the resident barista who has matched all the treats to Vittoria Coffee Single Origin blends.

The Fireplace is known as one of the Gold Coast’s best fine dining destinations; it is reminiscent of a private dining room in a large manor house. Sweeping garden views and simple white tablecloths enhances the atmospheric charm. If traditional elegance is what you are after, this is the one for you.

 Due to an open kitchen floor plan, you can delight in the theatrics of chefs hard at work preparing provincial-style fare that is to be cooked in the wood-fired oven. In fact, the food smells so heavenly; we bet you will have a hard time not staying for dinner.

 Available every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 12:30pm at The Fireplace.

Pricing: $35 per person; additional chemex brewing system $10; Espresso Martini $10.

 Bookings:For all restaurant reservations please call Emma Heath on 07 5530 1234 or email emma.heath@ihg.com.

By Marleigh Kelly