Leah's Wax Works

Leah’s Wax Works

The new Pacific Fair is blowing all of our minds. New awesome store after new awesome store is opening making us all reevaluate our wardrobes.

But as most Gold Coast ladies (and gents) know, being fresh isn't just about your clothes. Those eyebrows and nails better be on-fleek too! #SprayTanNation

Leah’s Wax Works is here to save the day and keep you on point from head to toe and for pennies. *IS THAT A SAYING IN AUSTRALIA? Y’ALL DON’T HAVE PENNIES* 

Hailing from the ever-posh Sydney, if there is one thing Leah from Leah’s Wax Works knows, it’s that a good price and a clean salon goes a long way. Her motto is “We’ll end up with more business by offering low prices and gaining repeat customers than we will if we run a cheap special for a week.” I for one, couldn't be happier with the motto. TAKE MY MONEY! 

When all of Pacific Fair opens, it will be right in the centre of the action, but for now its in a wacky spot hidden by construction work (keep searching, you’ll find it eventually)

Once you walk in, the construction couldn't be farther away. House Rules designer, Joe Snell has turned the shotgun salon into an eye-catching and calming environment accented by pops of blue and my favourite, the ‘flower ceiling’. 

Leah’s Wax Works is a full service salon without the full service salon fuss. No appointment is necessary for any of the services, which include waxing (obviously), laser, threading, massage, facials, tanning, mani-pedi’s and all things eyelashes (cough, cough, Mothers Day idea). 

Completely put off by the thought of lasering (sounds scary amirite?), I decided to grab the bull by the horns and give it a go. 

Pink goggles on and hands over my head, the technician turns the machine on. She is also wearing goggles which makes me nervous. She's cute and friendly and has promised it wont hurt, but I'm a giant baby and don't believe her. As she brings the long hose connected to the laser death machine closer to my armpit I take a deep breath. This could be it, the moment I go; death by laser (at least it sounds cool?). With a big smile she puts it to my arm pit. 

IT WAS LITERALLY PAIN FREE! Say what?! Yes, completely pain free!! The best way to describe it is someone dabbing an ice cube on your armpit for 1 second at a time. It took maybe a minute to do both pits and that was it! The dreaded laser was nothing more than a cold hose; all that anxiety and fear for nothing!

I went on to do a little investigating and found out that Leah’s Wax Works uses only the best (I should have known). Their laser machine the Candela GentleLASE, is medical grade and all the Leah’s Wax Works technicians have been certified in a laser safety course. It works on virtually any colour hair and starts working after your first session. You'll end up needing a handful, but at only a few bucks a pop, it’s a steal! 

Leah’s Wax Works offers services for men and women. Fellas, a little attention to those hairy necks goes a long way, so you might as well get them cleaned up forever (The ladies will love it)! Girlies, it’s more affordable than ever to get those legs lasered so make an appointment today. Or don’t, you don't actually need one! Ha! 

Located at Shop 108 32 Hooker BLVD, in the Pacific Fair Shopping Centre Broadbeach.

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