Thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies wanted!

I’m sure you have all seen the iconic rainbow neon towers high above the sand in Surfers Paradise and have heard the screams and laughter coming from the people hurling thought the air attached to nothing but a cord on the Slingshot

I’ve seen them, and I always thought, oh no way. 

However, the closer I got the more intrigued I became.
Upon committing to the ultimate thrill ride, I decided to do a little research. What I found was that the cord wasn’t a cord at all but actually a patented spring propulsion device made of 720 speciality designed springs. I learned that I would be propelled over 100 meters in the air at a speed of 160 kilometres per hour. 

As I continued making my way closer and closer to the ride my heart was pounding;  a fantastic mix of fear and intrigue. Maybe it was the mini volcanoes popping up out of the ground, or the way everything on the attraction lit up and sparkled, but curiosity had taken over fear and I had to ride the Slingshot

I sat in the capsule and pulled the safety harness over my body. The attendant locked me in and asked if I was ready. Honestly, no I wasn’t, but I was already in the hot seat so I couldn't back out now. The capsule slowly leaned backwards and then down taking me and the other rider down into the mouth of the volcano. Smoke started to rise from below us and pour over the rim of the volcano. The operator asked if we were ready and before either of us could answer he hit the button. 

Up we went at a whopping 160 kph.

At the time I didn't even realise how fast we were going. I remember screaming and staring up at the stars that were getting closer at an extremely progressive rate and I thought, “This must be close to what it feels like to be an astronaut heading into space.”.

Suddenly my thoughts were disrupted by the inversion of the capsule as I felt my body hurling toward the ground. Stopped by the springs with a huge bounce and back up we went. This happened over and over until we were slowly lowered back to the ground. 

As we were locked back into place, the feeling was surreal. The experience was so fantastic that it was hard to wrap my head around what just happened. 

I enjoyed riding at night because of the twinkling lights, but I bet a daytime ride would be awesome too! 

The next stop was to the video hut where we were to watch the video of our trip into the sky. 

It was hilarious! I was crying because I was laughing so hard.

The emotions and reactions are so raw and real. One of the more hilarious parts of the video was the dialogue. I didn't realise we were being recorded with audio so the curse words were flowing out of my mouth like lava (ha, get it?) Hence why we removed the sound from the video!…
I collected the flash drive with the video on it and then moved to the bench where I watched the next set of riders. 

It was thrilling experience. I recommend it to anyone brave enough to try it. 

Using this voucher you can go on a 2nd ride free! 

Located at 6 Palm Ave Surfers Paradise and open daily from 10am - 10pm and right off the G Link stop!

By Marleigh Kelly