The Paradox Cupping Class

Paradox Cupping

So it’s Saturday afternoon, it’s a tad bit too early to start drinking, but you are with your mates and want to do something fun. How about doing something out of the ordinary this time by taking a class…

Did you know there is ‘wine tasting’ for coffee? Really coffee tasting I guess, but the concept becomes more clear when you phrase it like that. Anyway, it’s called cupping and every Friday afternoon Paradox Coffee Roasters offer a cupping class to teach you the ins and outs of professional coffee tasting. Being the coffee addicts that us Gold Coaster’s are, we could use a little educating; it’s always good to know the story behind what we are consuming like fiends. 

Cupping refers to the international standardized method of testing coffee. It’s a system that was put in place so that coffee makers near and far know they are all tasting the exact same thing when trying a specific batch of beans.

Speaking of beans, here is a fun fact for you, coffee beans are technically cherries. They are a stone fruit but is referred to as a bean because of the resemblance they have to actual beans. There are plenty more fun facts, but you have to take the class and learn from expert coffee roasters Matt and James. 

What is the Paradox cupping class like, you ask? Well it starts off in the room where the beans are stored next to the coffee roasting machine. If you have seen this room before, you know it’s a magical place filled with sacks on sacks on sacks of coffee beans, but is traditionally not a place for the average customer. Let’s name this room the coffee vault. 

Stepping inside the coffee vault is a treat. -Another fun fact (I’ll stop soon) is that one of the most alluring parts of drinking coffee is the aroma and that’s why the cup is shaped so your nose can fit in. I digress, stepping inside the coffee vault is a treat because the coffee aroma is incredibly pungent. Breathing is just nicer in there.

As the class begins we get a history of coffee growing and making. We learn the different coffee styles and the different coffee grades. From there we go on to physically examine the beans by smiling them. We rotate around the room smelling beans then we smell the grounds. 

Smell test complete, we are ready to make a standard cup of coffee. Hot water is poured in and left to sit for 3 minutes. During this time there is a layer or crust as they called it on the top of the cup. We broke the crust then learned the slurping technique. Using our new found knowledge we went around slurping the coffee as the professionals would and having a good laugh at how absurd we sounded. 

Its the perfect way to get an afternoon pick me up before heading into Saturday night. It’s good fun and quite informative. You’ll be feeling like a coffee aficionado by the end of it. 

Grab your mates for a very untraditional cuppa this Saturday and when it’s done, you might as well hit the Paradox patio for an espresso martini. You deserve it! 

Classes cost $65 and you get a take away bag filled with 250grams of delicious paradox coffee. 

Bookings are essential, email to secure your spot. 

Located in The 4217 in Surfers Paradise. 

By Marleigh Kelly