Warehouse No. 5

Warehouse N.o 5's free creative workspace is bringing big city flair to the Gold Coast. 

For owners Andy and Monique, creating Warehouse No. 5 was quite literally a labor of love. 
Upon meeting they immediately fell in love (awe) and have spent the early days of their relationship creating their love child; Warehouse No 5. A passion project (pun intended) Andy and Monique have spent the greater part of the last few months gutting the used-to-be body board shop and turning it into a hip warehouse hangout.

Tucked away off West Burleigh Road, the Gold Coast's first FREE creative workspace is a spot for people craving a social yet focused work environment. An ‘adult community centre’ if you will, Warehouse No. 5 will be hosting a slew of events focused around tapping into productivity and creative exploration at night and on weekends, but during the day its the perfect place to crank out some work. 

It’s got free wifi, printing services, coffee to keep you focused and bakery treats to keep you nourished (heartier snacks coming soon). Unlike working at a coffee shop, there is no pressure to buy something to be there, no time limits(until closing 6pm) and with the free hi-speed wifi, getting your work done is a breeze. 

Upon walking in, the feelings of productivity seem to start oozing out of your pores. There are always two distinct things happening; one is people are plugging away on their laptops, (focused and surely coming up with the next world changing idea), and people spitballing ideas back and fourth in conversations likely to produce. 

The stylish yet minimal decor leaves room for the guests to bring the colour says Monique. It seems some of the Gold Coast’s most interesting people flock to Warehouse No. 5 to bring their ideas to fruition and grow their businesses. And simply by filling the space, they absolutely do bring colour to the room. 

When the creative juices are at a lull, there is a brand new ping pong table and plenty of board games to give your mind a rest. 

Andy, the mastermind behind the architectural aspects of the space has put dual-purpose functionality at the top of his list. The tables are on rollers for easy movement or locked together to make a stage, and everything in the space is easily removed to take it back to a blank canvas. 

The space can be rented on nights and weekends for just about any occasion, and the team is happy to adjust the furniture during the day for any meetings you would like to hold. 

To loosely quote Andy, ‘The purpose of a Warehouse is to have a space for creation. When someone says they are going to work at the Warehouse, it is most likely a creative venture that is in need of space to grow.’ and that is exactly what Andy and Monique are offering our community, room for creative minds to grow and create. 

If you would like to pop in and see what’s happening at the Warehouse, check them out Mon - Fri 6:30am - 6pm at 87 West Burleigh Road, or give them a call if you would like to book the space for an event. 0402 833 313

By Marleigh Kelly