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Have you ever taken a cooking class? I hadn’t. For me it was just of those things I saw on date nights in the movies. It looked like fun, I knew I would like it, but I just never did it. However, I wanted to…


I got invited to Double Zero’s Masterclass in Broadbeach and jumped on the opportunity. An afternoon making pizza, eating pizza and drinking wine? SIGN ME UP!!


It was my first time at Double Zero. I had heard they had some of the best pizza around, like the class, I just hadn't gotten around to trying it. As I walked in I noticed the simplicity of the place. Natural elements like timber beams highlighted the narrow space, it had good natural light, a medium sized bar and a nice open kitchen with a GORGEOUS white tiled wood fire oven. 


The tables had been lined up in the centre of the room creating a workspace for us students. There was a small table for the instructor adjacent to the workspace. 

Chef Nicola Masci came out and introduced himself and the class got started. Nicola was a fantastic teacher. He started with the history of pizza in Italy. Pizza is known as the world’s first fast food! In Italy pizza used to be sold without a plate as a “on the run” type meal. He then went on to tell us how to be a pizza master in Italy, (or Australia) you must be certified by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana. The goal of the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana is to protect the true Neapolitan Pizza. The association regulates the ingredients used in the pizza as well as the professionalization of the pizza makers. Double Zero is the first pizzeria in Queensland to receive the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana stamp of approval! 


Chef continued on with a bit of science. He explained about the elasticity in the dough, why it’s important, and how to achieve the right texture. From there we got started. 

First we poured the precisely chilled water into a mixing bowl. Next we added the flour. Strength 230-300. (The strength determines the elasticity) Association approved of course, then the yeast. We kneaded our dough until it was just right. It was interesting that between all 6 of us in the class, each of our dough balls looked different.

When our dough was ready to set, Chef taught us about he importance of the dough ball. He drew on a chalk board the way the dough spreads and why. He explained the things needed make the crispy crusty crust that we love. 

Our dough would not be ready to eat because it still needed to rise, so we put our dough in a pizza box, set them to the side to take home, and went back to the kitchen.

Chef had dough ready for each of us. He poured some flour on the bench, drew a diagram of the wood fire oven, and then explained how convection cooks the pizza easily and quickly. With temperatures reaching 400*c, a pizza only needs to cook for 90 seconds!!!


We took turns going into the kitchen and stretching our dough. Chef was there to show us the way (it was harder than it looks!) then we put whatever toppings we wanted on the pizza! 

I made one side margarita and the other with pepperoni and mushroom. Chef slid it in the oven, and 90 seconds later I got to pull it out. 

He sliced it up, handed it to me, and it was ready to eat! 


I grabbed a glass of wine from the bar then joined the other girls at the table. We all had a nice chat, while we enjoyed our DELICIOUS pizzas! 


The dough we got to take home was enough to make 5 more pizzas. The following night, I got my ingredients together, and had a pizza party! It was nice that even though the class was over, I was still enjoying what I learned, and I got to share with with my friends and family! 

We made 4 of the 5 pizzas (one I lost in a pizza twirling accident). Although I could not replicate the deliciousness created by the wood fire oven, they were still pretty dang good, and most importantly, it was really fun to make them again.


The Double Zero Master Class was one of the best afternoons I have had in a while! It was an interactive meal where I learned a lot and got to apply what I learned later that week. 

It’s great for any group, partners, friends, family, anyone and everyone will love this class.

Just make sure you sign up ASAP because they cap the class at 15 people and it fills up quick!! 


If you would like to make a booking, contact Double Zero

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By Marleigh Kelly