Currumbin Boat Shed

Currumbin Boat Shed; it’s a little shop up Currumbin Creek where you can rent fishing gear, stand up paddle boards and kayaks for just a tiny bit of money.


I took Mum there on a Sunday afternoon for a quick paddle. 

Mum is 50 something, in average shape, has never been on a paddle board, and was pretty nervous about giving it ago. 

To loosen her up, we took a stroll along the river admiring how beautiful it was and checking out the other paddle boarder’s before we went in to hire our own. 

Upon walking into Currumbin Boat Shed, I was amazed by the volume of fun things to play with. There must have been a hundred fishing poles and heaps of stand up paddle boards that stretched right up to the ceiling! 


I could tell Mum was still nervous, but I was ready to hit the water!

We paid for our boards ($15 each for 1 hour!) got measured for our paddles, and were sent down to the bank of the river. 

Currumbin Boat Shed is one of my favourite places to go on the weekend, as a regular, I wanted to hop straight on my board and get to paddlin’, but I held back and listened as Mum got instructions from a member of the staff. 

The man teaching Mum how to paddle was fantastic. He commanded her attention (in a respectful way of course) and guided her through the basics of boarding. When it seemed as she was not really listening, he would tell her to relax, bend her knees slightly and start listening again. After the pep-talk, he felt she was was ready to rock and roll so he gave her a gentle push out onto the river and off we went! 


We paddled up the river with the current first. This allowed Mum to get a feel for the sport. Once she was comfortable I told her we should jump off. It was hot, and a dip in the salty cool water was the way to go. She followed my lead and jumped in. We swam for a while keeping our boards close and then jumped back on. I showed her how to pop back up, and with hesitation she eventually did it. I reminded her that the worst thing that can happen is she falls in the water again. I think that helped her to relax and from there we were sweet.

-If any of you have been nervous about giving paddle boarding a try, trust me, YOU CAN DO IT!-


There is a bridge that crosses the river right before the Boat Shed. Most days there are children that climb up the bridge, yell to see if anyone is below, and then jump off the bridge into the water. This day there were about 5 of them who would jump over and over.

It was reminiscent of an earlier time when kids could go out and play freely as long as they were home when the streetlights came on. Next to the bank is a rope swing hanging from a tree branch. The swing got lots of action, and so did the branch. Kids swung and jumped off the tree like little monkeys all afternoon. The other bank was filled with families and kids swimming and laughing. Mum said no matter which way you looked it looked like it was out of a Norman Rockwell painting. She is right. Currumbin Boat Shed provides the toys that take people back to a simpler time. A time where people let go of inhibition, have fun and spend time with their loved ones. 


After spending quite a bit of time admiring the families and children playing, we paddled on down the river toward the ocean. This part of the river was a bit more busy with small boats, jet skis and kayaks, but still fun and peaceful. 

Other times I have been paddle boarding at Currumbin Boat Shed I’ve paddled over to the mangroves to look for fish and other wildlife. If you are a strong paddler it’s very attainable in your allotted hour, and totally worth exploring! I skipped the mangroves with Mum, but if you feel up for it, you wont regret it!


When it was time to return our boards, we weren't ready for the memorable day to end. To hold on to the great day, we decided to buy shirts as souvenirs to remember Mums maiden paddle. The guys at the Boat Shed were helpful in getting us the right sizes and were happy we loved it so much.


Even after the shirt purchase we weren't quite ready to go, so we went for another swim in the river. When we had had enough, we finished the afternoon with a cold beer from the Boat Shed Cafe


Spending the afternoon at Currumbin Boat Shed is one of my favourite ways to spend the weekend, and it also got the Mum seal of approval!

Virtually anyone can do it, young, old, as long as you can work a paddle and stand on your own, you will be able to SUP. 


Go give it a try, and be sure to tag us in your photos when you do! #InsideGoldCoast

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By Marleigh Kelly