Clifford's Grill and Lounge

A year ago before I was a Gold Coast resident I went to Clifford’s Grill and Lounge in Surfers Paradise while on vacation. 

I had their King Prawns and have been thinking about them ever since.

The other night when wondering what to do for dinner, I had the brilliant idea to go get those prawns!

Now, this can be a tricky situation. When you have a memory of something that’s so good, sometimes it’s best to leave it as a memory. 
What if the prawns weren't available? What if I got them and they weren't good? Was I going to take the chance?

YES! I’ll do almost anything in the name of food! BRING ON THE PRAWNS!


It was a quiet night at Clifford’s but the stillness was nice. We took a seat in the large “alfreso style” dining room. Although an enclosed space, the wall facing out had roll-up doors that are kept open. This gives the room a patio feel. 


The rest of the restaurant is beautifully done too. Old Singer sewing machines hang from the ceiling and vintage radios have been arranged on the wall.
There are nice views of the kitchen where the flames from the grill can be seen easily.

When it was time to order, I knew I wanted the prawns. What I didn't know was what else to get. I had looked up photos of the food online which was a huge mistake. Everything looked delicious!! How was I to decide?!

Did I want chicken? Maybe beef cheek? What about a cheese board or a pizza? Would it be weird to order 5 servings of prawns? 

Thank God my dining partner was not nearly as food happy as I was and she helped choose.
We decided to eat tapas style. King Prawns of course, Beef Cheek, and Grilled Halloumi. Oh and wine! 

Perhaps I am too excited about good food, but when the prawns came out, I sat and watched as my guest took her first bite. Her eyes lit up and a big smile came across her face. “Wow” she said and in that moment I was happy my memory hadn't been destroyed! 

My turn! They were served head-on. I ripped that baby off, and went for it. AHHHHHHH YES! They were just as delicious as I had remembered! Meaty and smothered in a creamy garlic sauce. 

I could go on and on about the prawns, but I should move on

My next favourite dish was the beef cheek. sticky and tender and sitting onto of a garlic mash. The garlic mash was interesting, I’m not sure if it was completely garlic, or had some mashed potato thrown in. I almost asked, but decided to keep it a mystery instead.
Finally the Halloumi. It was grilled and served with heirloom tomatoes and za’atar. The flavours worked well together. It was a extremely flavourful but still light. 


Although we only ordered 3 tapas, my guest and I were both extremely full by the end of our meal. We couldn't even finish it! 

When the bill came, I remembered I had my coupon from the Inside Gold Coast website, and got 15% off. Whoop!! 

So lets wrap this up, AMAZING prawns, and well, the other food too. Super central Surfers location, cool decor, and and I didn't mention this yet, but they had great service. Throw a 15% off coupon on top, and that sounds like a great time to me!

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By Marleigh Kelly