Poboy Cajun and Creole

There ain’t much better than pinchin’ tails and suckin’ heads while the sweet sounds of Delta Blues dance through the speakers. 

Brothers and entrepreneurs, Josh and Brock Clapin have taken their knowledge of Southern Cajun and Creole cooking and applied it to their modest southern kitchen down in Cooly. If you are new to the terms Cajun and Creole, it's representative of a style of cooking used by the Louisiana Creole & Creole people. These people are of mostly French descent and are mostly known in America for their creative use of seafood and spices. Historically being a poorer culture, the term Po'Boy was used to describe the famed 'catch all' sandwich originating from within the culture. Today the cuisine is favourited among Americans, especially Southerners and has become a staple in Dixie Land.  

Without actually having been to Louisiana, the brothers have done an impressive job replicating the incredibly specific tastes. In New Orleans they take their music very seriously, their food very seriously and their football very, very seriously (Who dat?). PoBoy Cajun & Creole has left out the football, but seem to have the other two right. Although it’s close to impossible to replicate the greatness that is New Orleans, The brothers have managed to make it work. Spanish moss hangs from glass buoys and French street lamps light up the dining area; adding to that New Orleans touch.

They have culled all the Creole favourites and slapped em’ together making a menu any respectable Bayou Mamma would approve of. 

If you’ve never pinched a tail and sucked a head, get your mind out of the gutter and get down to Poboy’s
Crawfish boils have been an American Southern/Delta region tradition since the dawn of time. If you haven't heard of a crawfish aka crayfish, it’s a delicious little crustacean that is a hybrid of a prawn and a lobster. Now that this is offered to us on the Gold Coast, it’s something we damned sure better take advantage of (you haven't lived until you have eaten so many crawfish your mouth and chin are red raw from spice)! Imagine, a big bucket of crawfish served alongside fresh veggies like potatoes and corn all eaten with bare hands. Not only is it delicious, it’s a culinary experience!

Say crawfish isn't your thing (hard to imagine), there are plenty of other classic Creole recipes being served up at Poboy Cajun & Creole. Sink your teeth into a classic Po’boy; a baguette sliced in half with lettuce and tomato piled high with your favourite meats like fried chicken and blackened beef. We suggest the Southern fried shrimp, or as the menu says “Southern fried prawns for the Aussies ”.  No Creole meal is complete with out a helping of the South’s signature dish, gumbo. Think thick stew full of chicken or seafood, and veggies, flavoured with spicy Cajun seasonings. You’d be silly to pass through Cooly without grabbing a bowl or at least a serving of Jambalaya. In the South they call that, comfort food! 

Saving the best for last, Gold Coast, may I introduce the beignet. Let’s call it donut’s cooler cousin. 
Fried dough covered in powdered sugar. This stick-to-your-ribs dessert is one too good to pass up. When you bite into the crispy edges and hit the doughy centre, and as powdered sugar falls all over your face and melts on your tongue, be sure to give the boys at PoBoy Cajun & Creole a wink and let em know you’ve just fallen in love with creole dessert. If you are feelin froggy hop on one of the Mars bar or Maltesers beignet (Dixieland delight).

Being one if not the only Creole Restaurant on the Gold Coast, it’s a restaurant you need to put on your to-do list!

Located at 12/110 Marine Parade, Coolangatta QLD 4225 

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By Marleigh Kelly